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Read Me Like A Book By Liz Kessler, A brave and honest coming of age story about one girl s exploration of love, identity and sexuality the first YA novel from bestselling author Liz Kessler Ashleigh Walker is having a difficult year She s struggling at school, and coming home to parents who are on the verge of divorce She knows she should be happy spending time with her boyfriend but, for some reasonA brave and honest coming of age story about one girl s exploration of love, identity and sexuality the first YA novel from bestselling author Liz Kessler Ashleigh Walker is having a difficult year She s struggling at school, and coming home to parents who are on the verge of divorce She knows she should be happy spending time with her boyfriend but, for some reason, being around him just makes her worry It s only in her English teacher, Miss Murray, that she feels she s found a kindred spirit Miss Murray helps Ashleigh develop her writing skills and gives her newfound confidence but what happens when boundaries begin to blur What will the repercussions be for Ashleigh And how will she navigate her own sexuality A thought provoking coming of age story from a highly skilled author, addressing coming out and LGBT themes For fans of Sarah Waters and Jodie Piccoult.. Read Me Like A Book A brave and honest coming of age story about one girl s exploration of love identity and sexuality the first YA novel from bestselling author Liz Kessler Ashleigh Walker is having a difficult year Sh

  • Title: Read Me Like A Book
  • Author: Liz Kessler
  • ISBN: 9781780622101
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Hachette Children s Group and NetGalley I want to kiss her neck I don t know if I can stop myself This was a YA coming of age story, about a girl who discovers that she likes girls than boys.Ash was quite a mixed up character, she didn t really know what she wanted, and got sucked up in other people s plans and ideas, even if she didn t really want to do what they wanted to do.The storyline in this was ab [...]

    2. 5 Words family, school, friendship, growing up, coming out.Aww man, I ve got the warm fuzzies.I have admit that I wasn t really feeling it at the beginning I couldn t settle in to the story But I stuck with it And I m so glad that I did Because this book is amazing It is so SO good.I didn t like Ash very much in the beginning, and while I still didn t love her by the end, she d definitely grown on me She s one of the best written teenage characters I have read, and every action rang true I could [...]

    3. ♫✯Em loves Hollenstein✯♫❤the summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation❤ says:

      i just read the whole book in one sitting incredible no wordsThough I think it a tad unhelpful that we were never told what Ash looked like Made it hard to visualise some of it I just imagined everything from her point of view, but the teacher was never described either Nor was Dylan, Luke or Robyn So that s one thing I would change.

    4. Hoy a la ma ana, cuando empec el libro lo hice pensando que me iba a encontrar un romance l sbico alumna profesora y es que no les da la sensaci n de que la sinopsis plantea eso Ahora lo cierto es que el libro no trata de eso y si lo van a leer buscando ese tipo de relaci n, van a salir muy decepcionados Read Me Like a Book es una historia de autodescubrimiento y de aceptaci n De romance hay poco y nada y a decir verdad, tampoco es la gran cosa pero s analiza un par de aspectos interesantes sobr [...]

    5. Such a great LGBT book, I really loved the progression of Ash s feelings and identity and the other plot points really fleshed out the book and made it such a great representation of the stresses of teenage life Ash was so easily to love, and her situation was so realistic, I was amazed 100% would recommend, especially since I don t see that many lesbian main characters in YA, and that s definitely something I like to see of, as gay main characters become prominent too.

    6. I hate to say that I did not enjoy this beautiful looking book I picked this book up because LOOK AT THAT STUNNING COVER I read the blurb and it sounded okay I liked the way it sounded but and I decided that it was either going to amazing or terrible A young girl is in love with her new boyfriend Then she starts to get feelings for her female, school teacher, Miss Murray I did not like the characters in this book I didn t connect with any of the characters and I really, really wanted to It was d [...]

    7. Honestly, this book just made me angry Vague spoilers ahead Ash is a horrible main character, who thinks and acts like a child She s supposed to be 17 and in sixth form, but this book honestly feels like it was written about a 13 year old I don t know what school this author attended, but at least in my experience, people in sixth form want to be there You have to get certain grades to get in, and you pick out three or four subjects that you love and want to study further Ash s experience of six [...]

    8. I was going to give this book 4 stars but the I think about it, the I believe it needs 5 stars just for what it s managed to do through the use of relatable characters and fabulously quirky writing What the heck has it done I hear you ask Well, nothing short of everything we ve all been asking YA books to do for a long time It accurately portrayed the feelings of realising that you like the same sex That s how I and I m pretty sure most people found out It was like going back in time to when I [...]

    9. Ashleigh Walker is in love You know the feeling that intense, heart racing, all consuming emotion that can only come with first love It s enough to stop her worrying about bad grades at college Enough to distract her from her parents marriage troubles There s just one thing bothering her .Shouldn t it be her boyfriend, Dylan, who makes her feel this way not Miss Murray, her English teacher This was kind of a nice book about one girl s experience of firstly realising she likes girls and then comi [...]

    10. Decepcion total este libro, por lo que, claramente va a estar lleno de spoilers esta rese a y queda en cada uno leerla o no Cuando lei la sinopsis de este libro me parecio muy interesante, una chica que se enamora de su profesora de literatura, mientras sale con Dylan, un chico que conocio recientemente Realmente me parecia interesante porque no sabia que iba a pasar o como lo iba a tratar la autora, pero sinceramente esta llena de NO, NO, NO esta historia Empezando por el supuesto novio de la p [...]

    11. Rese ado en mi blog Nanny BooksHay tanto que decir, que me he tomado mi tiempo para digerir esta lectura No he querido venir corriendo a contarles qu me ha parecido, me he tomado un buen rato, pues quer a ver qu tanto era hype y cuanto calidad narrativa As que prep rate para una rese a inusualmente larga.Hay libros que no aguantan una narraci n en primera persona, las tramas son ligeras y los personajes solo siguen un gui n de ni os de primaria Generalmente, el problema reside en que la narraci [...]

    12. READ ME LIKE A BOOK is a quick, easy read that will leave you smiling.Ash has just turned 17, and she s managed to find a new boyfriend, Dylan Dylan is okay, but Ash finds herself thinking about Miss Murray, her new English teacher, and , as her life feels like it s starting to fall apart her parents won t stop fighting, until eventually they decide to break up and her dad moves out, and everything seems to be going wrong with Dylan as well But Miss Murray is there for her throughout it all, an [...]

    13. Ash has a lot on her plate warring parents, changeable feelings towards her new boyfriend Dylan, college work piling up, verbal warnings issued and to top it all a new English teacher to get used to Her life is dominated by the very strong presence of her best friend Cat house parties with her other close friend Luke and dates with Dylan after which she s left with strange and unexpected feelings So there s definitely no time in her busy schedule for reading Wuthering Heights but the new English [...]

    14. The coming out part is wonderful, I really liked it The rest of the story, not so much The writing was quite distant Emotions and feelings of happiness were not coming through Between Dylan and Ash things are sooo weird and a lot of things that take place in the book have no value for the story whatsoever The ending was great though And the cover too, I like the contrast between the colorful graffiti and the monochrome girl.

    15. This was a really good story about a girl who is coming to terms with her inner sexuality It was honestly beautiful at times.The story also faces real life issues like a child dealing with their parents split.It was raw and realistic.I definitely recommend.

    16. Although I did enjoy this quick read, I feel a little short changed by the blurb What I hoped for isn t what I got, but I was still pretty satisfied The novel is easy to read and will not take eons to race through, but the voice of Ashleigh, the narrator, isn t all that convincing at times Ashleigh is seventeen and in college, and although seventeen isn t the most wizened age, Ashleigh s voice felt as if it belonged to a much younger teen, and I felt as though her priorities were not always beli [...]

    17. Meh This was just a meh kind of book for me I waited ages to read it, having heard such good things, but it just seemed to be missing some kind of spark I liked Ashleigh and was intrigued by the whole fancying her teacher thing, but it never actually went anywhere It wasn t controversial or any thing, and you could even go so far as to say it was just in Ashleigh s head as there was no solid proof it was a two way street shrugs I don t really have a lot to say about it, really.

    18. The idea of this book is good Really, it is but the actual story isn t at least in my opinion Sure, it covers a range of issues such as dealing with your sexuality, teenage pregnancy, relationships, parents, friendships, crushes on teachers ect But it just tried to fit too much inAlso, for most of the story the main character was really quite annoying and superficial I actually physically threw this book on the floor at one point because I was that annoyed with it.

    19. Book 4 four GLBT Book Month Not as squicky as it sounds crush is handled responsibly , but still not quite a standout in terms of plot or characterization or writing, either Everything pretty much is and turns out as you d expect.Best handed to a teen on the younger end of the YA spectrum, particularly kids who might be in search of positive representation.Review copy from the publisher.

    20. This is an enjoyable book that feels like an old school teen problem novel divorce, pregnancy scare, teacher crush, coming out These all dealt with or less equally Though the teacher crush is marketed as being the main plot point, it isn t really.

    21. 4.5 So brilliant I wish there could have been a way for my younger self to read this.

    22. Read Me Like a Book is a nice read revolving around a girl discovering that she may be attracted to girls, and her English teacher to be exact It is a very thoughtful, quick and simple read.Read Me Like a Book is set during Ash s final year of sixth form college So, of course, it s the perfect setting for teenagers to relate to Especially considering all the other obstacles that teenagers, such as Ash, potentially face at this time of their life There is nothing too over the top about the plot l [...]

    23. This story is the coming out story of Ashleigh Ashleigh has been having a tough time at home as she s living with her parents as their marriage falls apart As a result she s struggling and feeling a bit lost.I like that the coming out part of this story comes as a surprise to even the main character and out of nowhere Ashleigh assumes she is straight and as a consequence starts a new relationship with a boy She only questions it when things with him don t go well when he starts treating her poor [...]

    24. I usually avoid books with a teacher student theme to them and when I read the blurb of this book I was tempted to skip it I m so glad I didn t, this isn t about a relationship between a student and her teacher It s a lovely coming of age story about a girl struggling with different elements of her life Friendship issues, parents who are fighting and her growing crush.The feelings Ashleigh develops for her english teacher are what force her to question her sexuality Why does she feel for her fem [...]

    25. 4 Be True To You Stars This was such a beautiful book, inside and out just look at this gorgeous cover art I could of done with having this book years ago Here we have our wonderful MC Ashleigh who is on a journey of self discovery in the world of love When things start to fall flat with her current boyfriend she turns to her teacher Miss Murray for help and support.le did Ashleigh know that friendship would turn into love.A wonderful coming out story split into 3 sections following Ashleigh s b [...]

    26. Read Me Like a Book reminded me a bit of Looking for Alibrandi in tone Ashleigh s self absorbed in a truly teen way, and she makes a lot of bad decisions There s a lot to like here, but the book is burdened by poor writing.The characterization is decent, but not great It s a fairly plotless contemporary, but I found it a pretty quick read, especially while my other reads were big and dense I did like the handling of the f f teacher student relationship, something I was worried about view spoiler [...]

    27. I am always looking to discover and read diverse books, particularly about LGBTQ characters, so when I came across this book, I decided to try it out I thought the beginning was quite slow, but if you can stick with it, it s worth it I also didn t really like Ash either, but it s not one of those books where you have to like the main character to be able to like the story This is a very powerful book, and I already have Kessler s new book to read.

    28. I borrowed this book from a friend you know who you are because the title just make you want to read this book so badly It s a typical YA book It s an easy read and it kind of has a predictable plot but I enjoyed reading it nevertheless

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