Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Patriots

Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Patriots By David Fisher, The must have companion to Bill O Reilly s historical docudrama Legends and Lies The Patriots, an exciting and eye opening look at the Revolutionary War through the lives of its leadersThe American Revolution was neither inevitable nor a unanimous cause It pitted neighbors against each other, as loyalists and colonial rebels faced off for their lives and futures These wThe must have companion to Bill O Reilly s historical docudrama Legends and Lies The Patriots, an exciting and eye opening look at the Revolutionary War through the lives of its leadersThe American Revolution was neither inevitable nor a unanimous cause It pitted neighbors against each other, as loyalists and colonial rebels faced off for their lives and futures These were the times that tried men s souls no one was on stable ground and few could be trusted Through the fascinating tales of the first Americans,Legends and Lies The Patriots reveals the contentious arguments that turned friends into foes and the country into a warzone.From the riots over a child s murder that led to the Boston Massacre to the suspicious return of Ben Franklin, the First American from the Continental Army s first victory under George Washington s leadership to the little known southern Guerilla campaign of Swamp Fox Francis Marion, and the celebration of America s first Christmas, The Patriots recreates the amazing combination of resourcefulness, perseverance, strategy, and luck that led to this country s creation.Told in the same fast paced, immersive narrative as the first Legends and Lies, The Patriots is an irresistible, adventure packed journey back into one of the most storied moments of our nation s rich history.Introduction read by Bill O Reilly.. Bill O Reilly s Legends and Lies The Patriots The must have companion to Bill O Reilly s historical docudrama Legends and Lies The Patriots an exciting and eye opening look at the Revolutionary War through the lives of its leadersThe American Re

  • Title: Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Patriots
  • Author: David Fisher
  • ISBN: 9781427275707
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Audio CD
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    1. An audiobook I listened to on the way to vacation This book was both informative and engrossing It reviewed some familiar stories that most pupils in the American school systems learn, but it delved deeper in many cases This book also had many stories of lesser known heroes of the Revolutionary War Overall, a good historical account of the Revolution.

    2. I wasn t sure what to expect from this one I saw most of the docudrama on TV and enjoyed it I m happy to say that I enjoyed the book even Each chapter was about a different person or persons George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and other major figures of the time I ve read a lot about these people, but in each case I learned at least one thing that I didn t know before Fisher certainly did his research One of my favorite chapters was on Francis Ma [...]

    3. Although Bill O Reilly s Legends and Lies The Patriots by David Fisher isn t for everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it It took me back to the days of being an undergraduate history major at the University of Louisville and sitting in my favorite professor s classes Holter Graham was the narrator, and he is fantastic The book cover all the major players and debunks some of the lore that has been passed down through history Some people like that and some don t seriously, I was just sittin [...]

    4. Certainly for American History buffs, Bill O Reilly s Legends and Lies The Patriots will be fascinating reading, even though they may have already sorted out the fact vs fiction of some of these Revolutionary stories Some of the myths and legends we may have heard about in school are rebuked and denied in these pages and, to be honest, takes away some of the romance and charm of the period for many of us Sometimes we just want to believe the glorified version of a story However, saying all of th [...]

    5. I enjoy Bill O Reilly s books But this one even though I gave it four stars, was somewhat disappointing because Bill Riley himself did not narrate it I listened to this with my husband Blaine and we did enjoy the American history portrayed in these separate events told And we did learn some new twists and new information in these stories It was worth the time listening, and I always get a thrill hearing patriotism and especially when the founding fathers give credit to God in the accomplishment [...]

    6. An interesting work on the American Revolution s and aftermath legends and how they may or may not vary from the truth I listened to it after reading Nathaniel Philbrick s Valient Ambition and I thought they paired well with each other I particularly liked the parts on what happened to slaves and free blacks during and after the war in both the North and South, Aaron Burr and what a piece of work he was, and how the issue of aliens and immigration with the Alien and Sedition Acts was a contested [...]

    7. American history came alive in this book The motives, the events, and the occurrences, all revealed in an exciting way.I enjoy being around these people, who shaped our way of life Listening to this book, gave me that opportunity.George Washington, one of the greatest Americans, by his insight, set this nation on a course we now know as the United States of America.The others, many known, some unknown, all played a part in the formation of the greatest nation on earth Not because we have perfect [...]

    8. I d like to thank Henry Holt and Company, Giveaway, and Emily Kobel for a beautiful hardcover copy of Bill O Reilly s Legends Lies The Patriots by David Fisher.While nursing a broken wrist and unable to write, I had plenty of time to enjoy this amazing book I so appreciated the research that went into this book, and David Fisher s excellent talent for writing factually of our country s history It is also beautifully illustrated, and I couldn t help but think what a delightful gift this would mak [...]

    9. This reads like the Reader s Digest version of the highlights of the Revolution Some things I knew, others I didn t I found all of it very interesting and the narrative brought to life the events that happened during this long war I would love to see the companion series now and will have to search it out.

    10. What can you say about a book like this American History light, as with all of Bill O Reilly s books interesting, fun, with little meat but enough to provide a good overview While I am a history junky have never really read in depth regarding the American Revolution expect for biographies of several of the founding fathers Reading this did pique my interest in several aspects and probably will lead to specific reading regarding the period Would recommend this book to anyone who has even a passi [...]

    11. Bill O Reilly s Legends and Lies The Patriotsby David FisherIf you like or dont like Bill O Reilly you have to read this book The book gives you an inside look to the Revolutionary war and its players Fact Paul Revere was not the only rider yelling that the british have landed, there were other men and women who rode that night Meet the hero s and the villains of the Revolutionary war in this book Take it from a history junkie like me this is a must read.

    12. I m not a huge fan of history books I usually prefer to get my history education through realistic period fiction BUT I couldn t put this book down It was a fascinating read and I highly recommend it It was shocking to discover that politics hasn t changed much the folks 200 years ago were not the gentlemen you might imagine I m now looking forward to seeing the series on t.v.

    13. Excellent easy to read history that covered several patriots that died before achieving the fame of the founding fathers and presented facts on several others in that time frame.

    14. Very interesting book regarding our founding fathers Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and Any American Revolutionary buff would enjoy this book.

    15. No fucking way O reilly has anything to do with this why the hell is his name on it Yeah, take the content it gives for history itself B , very nice and entertaining telling of the story.Take the title into account Ehh Mostly it does pretty well, it points out too bad it s just a story several times, and even gives a fair representation of the Boston Massacre So why does it get all pretentious about whether Jefferson had kids from a slave Why does it propogate the Cherry Tree myth I mean serious [...]

    16. This is the first Bill O Reilly book I have read I was pleasantly surprised The Title is a little confusing because it is not just a series of lies and legends but an attempt at serious popular history In my opinion, they succeed The book is organized around the Great Men of American Independence This approach, although often criticized as a mere Great Man view of history by academics, is much better suited for the popular audience.I got interested in this book because of the lame series on The [...]

    17. O Reilly s Legends and Lies series and Killing series are the best His research and insight into Historical events is exceptional He has no political ax to grind or any political bias or tone within the writing He has made the material simple and straightforward and brings life to the people and times surrounding the events I would recommend reading any and all books in either series if you want a better understanding and perspective on the history of our country and the people who made the hist [...]

    18. This is a great review of the history of events during the Revolutionary War Centuries away from this event, it is hard to imagine the conflicts and activities that made the United States independent Although we are aware of names like George Washington and Benedict Arnold, it is impossible for us to recall the events that gave them the reputation we are familiar with in the twenty first century This book is great for the historical details it gives us that we are unaware of I recommend this boo [...]

    19. It was a fairly quick read, for the most part, but I don t feel I learned much than I already knew or had heard before somewhere else I was expecting to learn a great deal and have stories to share with others about these individuals The parts I enjoyed most were the chapters on Benedict Arnold, Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr I think I liked these chapters because they were focused on the person in the title of the chapter The book was an interesting read, and I might consider others in t [...]

    20. This book because it discusses several different stars of the American Colonial Era, which is great because if you don t want to read one you can move on to the next Kind of like short stories Love em The book also dispels some historical tales that have become common knowledge in America, which is something I really enjoy and think is very important to do I didn t like that it often read like a college textbook and was, therefore, a little dry I also felt at times that it got a little off topic [...]

    21. This is a notch below the standard O Reilly history book David Fisher lacks charm and intrigue in his writing style The information is interesting but reads like a textbook at times The last chapters on the founding fathers was the most compelling part of the book I was not aware of the political fights and disputes between the different founding fathers The information on the state rebellions was also fascinating This is a decent history summary but difficult to recommend unless you are a histo [...]

    22. O Reilly does it again this time telling the stories of the leaders of the American Revolution, who were mere men trying to figure out what was best for their family and their country Many were loyal to the British during this time and it was a struggle to survive Thank heavens we had people like Ben Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, we know all the names they are the ones that forged this union Even with all the historical lies being exposed, I still am in awe of what they achieved.

    23. I m a sucker for well told history stories, and this chock full of them The founding of our nation in itself is an incredible story, but this dives into some rarely heard or unknown tales the Black British Brigade for one the lead up to Aaron Burr shooting Hamilton what really lead to Benedict Arnold turning traitor and how much of a badarse the real Swamp Fox was It also doesn t lean right or left in political discussions, which is refreshing I can also tell the authenticity of the book as none [...]

    24. Having recently read Killing England and Hamilton , I found much of this information was repeated from those books There were a few new stories that weren t covered in the other books The basic premise seems to be taking legendary incidents and deciding if there is or is not historical evidence to support the legend This book covers the founding fathers and incidents surrounding the Revolutionary War and the creation of the USA.

    25. Not knowing what to expect, I have totally enjoyed reading this book The three legend and lies books were given as gifts, and I only saw a few of the TV shows I found this book informative and enlightening It touched on some of the legends that have come to be a part of our history It reviewed some of the background that produced these accounts I have a greater love for our Country s past and those who founded it.

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