Chickens Eat Pasta

Chickens Eat Pasta By Clare Pedrick, Not just another romance, but a story of escapism, coincidences, friendship, luck and most of all love.Chickens Eat Pasta is the tale of how a young Englishwoman starts a new life after watching a video showing a chicken eating spaghetti in a mediaeval hill village in central Italy Here I was, 26 years old, alone and numb with boredom at the prospect of a future whichNot just another romance, but a story of escapism, coincidences, friendship, luck and most of all love.Chickens Eat Pasta is the tale of how a young Englishwoman starts a new life after watching a video showing a chicken eating spaghetti in a mediaeval hill village in central Italy Here I was, 26 years old, alone and numb with boredom at the prospect of a future which until recently had seemed to be just what I wanted Unlike some recent bestsellers, this is not simply an account of a foreigner s move to Italy, but a love story written from the unusual perspective of both within and outside of the story As events unfold, the strong storyline carries with it a rich portrayal of Italian life from the inside, with a supporting cast of memorable characters Along the way, the book explores and captures the warmth and colour of Italy, as well as some of the cultural differences between England and Italy, but also between regional Italian lifestyles and behaviour It is a story with a happy ending The author and her husband are still married, with three children, who love the old house on the hill now much restored almost as much as she does Chickens Eat Pasta is Clare s autobiography, and ultimately a love story with the house itself and with the man that Clare met there and went on to marry If you yearn for a happy ending, you won t be disappointed It s a story that proves anything is possible if you only try.. Chickens Eat Pasta Not just another romance but a story of escapism coincidences friendship luck and most of all love Chickens Eat Pasta is the tale of how a young Englishwoman starts a new life after watching a vid

  • Title: Chickens Eat Pasta
  • Author: Clare Pedrick
  • ISBN: 9781784623517
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This memoirs describes an English woman s emigration to Umbria, Italy, in the 1980s She purchases a ruin there, has it restored, becomes an active member of a small village, builds an ex pat career in journalism, and falls in love with and marries an Italian Intelligently, the author spoke Italian before emigrating, and she had a career that could move with her, with some effort journalism.The book is very well written, which is not surprising, since the author is a professional writer I thought [...]

    2. A lovely Cumbrian storyI live in Tuscany, which is not far away and I can really relate to Clare s wonderful characters and she paints the scenes so well The reader is taken on an emotional journey as our English heroine searches for a new happy lifestyle after she breaks up with her boyfriend, and just maybe a little romance.June Finnigan Writer

    3. Memoir set in Umbria un etto of Italy Plus we talk to the author about life in Italy tripfiction memoir setUmbria such a spectacularly beautiful place, so close to Rome in some ways and yet so very different and completely unspoilt On a whim, Clare Pedrick decides to decamp to Umbria, giving up life as she knows it in the South of England Triggered by the end of a relationship, it is deemed a bit of a rash response to an emotional upheaval But once Italy gets under your skin, it has you for keep [...]

    4. First off, it was the book title that caught my eye Chickens Eat Pasta made me chuckle What a clever and humorous title Inventive too Then how the author, Clare Pedrick became interested in moving to Italy intrigued me even further Imagine being intrigued enough by seeing a chicken eat pasta to make a move to a new place, another country It s exactly what this young British woman, the author did She uprooted herself to start a new life after watching a video showing a chicken eating spaghetti in [...]

    5. Clare Pedrick, sees an advertisement for property in Umbria, Italy She is 26 years old, just out of a seven year relationship and bored with her life Acting impulsively she flies out to Italy and is shown a ruin of a house which she buys there and then.What follows is her journey to a new and hopefully better life Revolving around the little village of San Massano and the renovation of her house, we are transported to this rural delight, where the characters are larger than life, the scenery stu [...]

    6. This is a thoroughly enchanting and easy read I have lived the expat life and a few of the stories brought a smile to my face as they so accurately represent a culture so similar and yet so different Although this change of life direction scenario has been done to death, this book brings a fresh take to it It is not high fiction of any description, but is beautifully written and poignant It is a perfect summer read, particularly if the summer weather has been indifferent as is has this year 2015 [...]

    7. To start things offI Loved This Book Ok, now that I got that out of the way Chickens Eat Pasta was absolutely delightful to read It is the autobiography of Clare Pedrick While positioned under Biographies Memoirs and Travel, the reader will often have to remind themselves that they are not reading a fiction novel but rather the very intimate stories of a woman in transition of life It flows very smoothly and to me, if felt like I was on vacation, exploring the Italian countryside.

    8. This book is an autobiography of the author, Clare Pedrick Now, I don t usually read autobiographies it is not my cup of tea but this one particularly interested me The title is catchy enough but other than that, the mere mention of Italy, particularly the rural side, made me want to read it.Just out of a relationship, the author is looking for a change from her boring routine in England She watches a chicken eating spaghetti on TV hence the title and when in the newspaper she finds Italian prop [...]

    9. How I admire Clare the author of this autobiography This is the story of how, in her 20s, she started a new life in Italy after seeing an advertisement for property for sale in hidden Umbria and watching a video showing an old stone house and chickens eating spaghetti.With not much to look forward to in England, the miserable November weather, and a recent relationship break up, she arranged some time off her work as a journalist and travelled to Italy to view properties.Having been shown severa [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsIt was really the title that drew me into looking at this book Being called Chickens Eat Pasta, I figured, well I loved eating chicken, and I love eating pasta, and them both combined is equally good, so pasta eating chickens would be amusing Unfortunately apart from a small mention of these chickens that do eat pasta in Umbria in the opening chapter, we don t find out much else about these special chickens In fact there was a lack of poultry in this book However there was plenty of scr [...]

    11. This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Title Chickens Eat Pasta, Escape to UmbriaAuthor Clare PedrickStar Rating 5 StarsNumber of Readers 27StatsEditing 8 10Style 9 10Content 10 10Cover 8 10Of the 27 readers 25 would read another book by this author.20 thought the cover was excellent.24 felt the pacing was excellent.18 felt the best part of the book was the writing style.9 felt the setting of Italy was the best part of the book.Readers Comments Fi [...]

    12. I was asked to review this book with such an unusual title by the author Fans of Carol Drinkwater s Olive series will really enjoy this novel set in Umbria.How many times do people just look at life and feel so bored and wish you could set up life somewhere else and this was exactly what the author did 26 years old, her relationship of seven years falls apart, watches a video of chicken eating pasta and then flies to Italy where she buys a run down house and buys it wow brave and at the same tim [...]

    13. I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.Chickens Eat Pasta is a delightful, charming book I thoroughly enjoyed it I d secretly love to do what the author did and by a house in a foreign country and make a new life for myself Isn t that everyone s secret dream I loved reading about the Italy the author creates with her vivid, often humorous descriptions I could picture everything so clearly in my mind I felt like I was living there, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching an [...]

    14. In the vein of Under the Tuscan Sun, this autobiography drew my attention as I ve always wanted to go to Italy, or France, buy a house and do it up and become part of a village life Clare does this and I was excited to read her story.I did feel the first part of the story was a bit stilted and sometimes confusing with all the names and people I would have liked to learn about her doing up the house and her struggles to adapt, as it seems much of her life was helped by having money and good Ital [...]

    15. Loved it Ok I admit it the cover of this Memoir sold it to me I had to read it and it didn t disappoint Italy and breath a run down house in a small village sounds just idylic to me The author didn t have her eye on a new relationship but she definitely wanted a challenge a change after the last few years It s not easy fitting into new surroundings let alone in a different country and in a small ish village but the Author did and the friends she makes come to love her and her english ways very f [...]

    16. I loved Clare Pedrick s story about moving to Italy in the eighties I was an expat myself in the seventies when I moved to Latin America and became a journalist, so I can appreciate many of her experiences, which were similar to my own She writes beautifully and it s easy to lose yourself in her journey as she deals with the bureaucracy of living in a foreign country, buying and renovating a beautiful old house, making friends, and finally finding love This is a sweet story that will stay with m [...]

    17. I will be writing a review for the National Italian American Foundation magazine, Ambassador, but wanted to give this one five stars here as well Italophiles especially will love this recounting of Pedrick s first year in a small village in Umbria.

    18. Escaping in my dreamsWell written, with delightful descriptions of the people, the country side and the way of life Just the right amount of romance.

    19. Enjoyable story Will probably get unfavorable reviews when compared to Under the Tuscan Sun But still a worthwhile read.

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