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Ruby Flynn By Nadine Dorries, The darkest sin casts the longest shadow RUBY FLYNN, set in Ireland and Liverpool, is the enthralling story of a family haunted by ancient wrongs The FitzDeanes are wealthy They have Ballyford Castle in Ireland and a growing shipping business in Liverpool But Lady FitzDeane is unable to provide an heir All of her five boys have died in infancy There are whispers thThe darkest sin casts the longest shadow RUBY FLYNN, set in Ireland and Liverpool, is the enthralling story of a family haunted by ancient wrongs The FitzDeanes are wealthy They have Ballyford Castle in Ireland and a growing shipping business in Liverpool But Lady FitzDeane is unable to provide an heir All of her five boys have died in infancy There are whispers that the family is cursed punished for a terrible mistake long buried in the past When young Ruby Flynn, an orphan reared and educated by nuns, arrives at Ballyford to work as a nursery maid, she cannot shake the feeling that she has been there before But when Soon rumours and strong emotions are swirling around the beautiful girl with red hair, green eyes and a mysterious past Who is she really And what will her arrival mean for this powerful family, riven by tragedy. Ruby Flynn The darkest sin casts the longest shadow RUBY FLYNN set in Ireland and Liverpool is the enthralling story of a family haunted by ancient wrongs The FitzDeanes are wealthy They have Ballyford Castle

  • Title: Ruby Flynn
  • Author: Nadine Dorries
  • ISBN: 9781784082178
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. The year is 1947 and 12 year old Ruby Flynn is rescued while the rest of her family perish in a terrible storm As an orphan is she placed in a convent where she is educated and six years later is she hired to work in at Ballyford as a nursery maid But there are no children to work with, Charles FitzDeane the master of the house and his wife Isobel have had five children and they all have died as infants and Ruby have been hired to take car of Isobel whose grief has made her melancholic and she h [...]

    2. Ireland 1947 and a twelve year old girl is the only survivor of a terrible snow storm that kills her family She tells her rescuers that her name is Ruby Flynn.Ruby Flynn by Nadine Dorries is a gripping and beautifully told family saga This was very hard to put down and well written continually encouraging you to read on and desperately wanting to find out what happened next Ruby with her red hair, green eyes and charm is a most delightful and lovable heroine After her convent education and train [...]

    3. Edit I struggled with the rating Even though I didn t like it, it s not nearly as bad as other books I ve given 1 star to, so I m giving it 1.5 stars should really introduce 0 stars and half stars This book gave me the impression that is was a tv series script with extra descriptions The first few chapters reminded me a lot of Jane Eyer and now that I finished the book I can say that LOTS OF SPOILERS to follow view spoiler this is exactly the same story with a few extra twists, like Ruby s mothe [...]

    4. With many thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the chance to read this one in exchange for an honest review.This was my first book by Nadine Dorries although I have a couple waiting on my kindle I loved every minute of this book It starts when Ruby is rescued and taken to the local convent When she starts work at the castle she has a sense of deja vu Why does the castle look familiar I loved the characters the ones who worked in the castle and the ones above stairs I could picture the coas [...]

    5. This review first appeared on our blog, where we also chat to Nadine tripfiction novel set Novel set in County Mayo and LiverpoolSet mainly near Doohoma Head, County Mayo, but also with visits to Liverpool, this wonderful story sweeps the reader through Ruby Flynn s early life in the 1950s.Ruby Flynn is a feisty for her time girl who, following the loss of her family, is brought up in a convent, and then sent off to a service role at the local castle This engaging story follows her through her m [...]

    6. Firstly my thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Head of Zeus for an Arc of this book in return for an honest review.After having read and loved the four streets trilogy by the same author, I was thrilled to be allowed review this one.Ruby Flynn has been found near to death and taken to a nearby convent where she lives for a number of years in the west of Ireland When she is about 17 years old she is sent to work at Ballyford Castle to look after Lady Owen who is deeply depressed after suffering [...]

    7. I absolutely loved this book It was a complete change of genre for me and I appreciated the well written story of a young girl who was left alone in a remote part of Ireland after the death of her family, in one of the worse winters on record She was rescued near to death and taken to a local convent where she experienced a bleak life but did find some comfort from one of the nuns and also a lasting friendship from another orphan The story continues when she leaves the convent its full of lies a [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book Great storytelling as ever by Nadine Dorries, with characters the reader can invest in and believe in Lovely that it was mostly set in Ireland too, and different from The Four Streets trilogy which I also enjoyed I look forward to reading of this author s books The only minor issue I do have is that the Kindle edition finished at 87% with a preview of the next book I am not a fan of this approach and no matter how much I enjoy a book I am never compelled to read a pre [...]

    9. Ruby Flynn is the first book I have read by Nadine Dorries although she has written the popular Four Streets trilogy For a change I was delighted to see an English author writing in the saga genre setting her book on the wild and rugged west coast of Ireland Nadine provides her readers with a harrowing opening which was exceptionally written Beginning in the worst winter in living memory in 1947 on Doohoma Head in County Mayo there is a family in peril and local villagers Con and Thomas are batt [...]

    10. I just didn t cared for the characters The book read like a movie script, just a long description The story it self was good it could have been done much with it Besides, it felt like the year was wrong It felt like the story took place after WWI and not WWII because the characters just seemed out of theit time It made the story unbelievable somehow.

    11. Very easy read if you want something light with little concentration involved Started interesting but became predictable quickly in the first few chapters.

    12. Another great read.A good book is a joy to read For me, I always feel sad to have finished the book Ruby Flynn was like watching a great film Fantastic could not put it down.

    13. Excellent readI would recommend it to everyone who likes an easy read, with intrigue I always like a happy ending As real like has so few.

    14. An ok readI only gave this a 4 rating as I felt the ending was a bit rushed , it is still a good read and I would recommend it.

    15. Enchanting and highly recommended I thoroughly enjoyed this enchanting and mysterious story Riveting to the last page Lose yourself in the relaxing Irish countryside.

    16. Started off really well and kept my interest Unfortunately it became lame and predictable half way through, turning into a cheesy harlequin romance.

    17. It s a long time since I ve read what I call a Mammy s book aka family saga so I was quite surprised at how much I did actually enjoy Ruby Flynn I really enjoyed the linguistic style of Nadine s writing as I could almost hear the Irish or Scouse accents of the characters in my head As expected, it was an easy read with a slightly predictable ending but there were some events in the book that were quite unexpected, to say the least.The book starts as a young Ruby is found during the great storm w [...]

    18. Ruby is a JewelNadine Dorries is a new writer to me and this book was a delight to read, to be sure It is a competent piece of writing which does a good old fashioned job of straightforward story telling It is the kind of book which highlights all that the love of reading is about The reader is taken from our own world to the world of others and allowed to become enveloped in these lives so very different from our own A world of Lords and Ladies and housekeepers and scullery maids Of Ireland and [...]

    19. Ruby Flynn by Nadine Dorries had me hooked from the first pages It s beautifully written, with rich enough, but not too long winded descriptions to help you completely immerse yourself into the Irish countryside or working class alleys of Liverpool The story follows Ruby, a strong character, who lost her family in one of the worst winter storms on record I enjoyed Ruby s temperament, which despite the difficult start in life, remained strong She doesn t feel inferior to anyone or acts above peop [...]

    20. I enjoyed this story of life and the social setting in rural Ireland in the period following the second world war The novel has pace and the characters are developed in an interesting way There are sufficient twists in the story to maintain interest.I liked the way Ruby s link with the FitzDeane family and Ballyford Castle are drawn out The side issue of Charles life in war ravaged Liverpool provides an engaging insight into the changing social and economic changes which were occurring at this t [...]

    21. Ruby Flynn started off with a great scene, set in one of Ireland s worst winters Ruby is orphaned in the great storm and rescued by the town clerk and taken to the convent where she is trained basic skills by the nuns to enable her to go into a life of service When she comes of age she is taken to Ballyford Castle to look after the mistress who is suffering mental strain following the death, one after the other, of her five sons While the plot was a little predictable in parts, and didn t always [...]

    22. A different genre from the books I usually, but a most welcome one.Ruby, a young orphaned girl from a convent is trained by the nuns for a life in service.She is taken on at Ballyford Castle as a ladies maid to a frail Lady Isobel, but eventually rumours about her past spread How did she get here It is also the story of the FitzDeanes who own the Castle More especially Charles whose business took him to Liverpool, his other life there and his possible bankruptcy.It is also a story of hope and re [...]

    23. I really like Nadine Dorries I have been a fan since reading the brilliant four streets series I enjoyed Ruby Flynn it was nice to read just a simple old fashioned story the ending I did guess that s why I seemed to enjoy the first part of the book and then halfway through it became a predictable read which is not a bad thing as I really enjoy reading nadine s writing as its effortless the characters were interesting I would recommend everyone to read Nadine books as I never though I would look [...]

    24. A simple tale from rural ireland post world war 2 Ruby s family perish in a cruel winter but she is saved to be brought up by nuns When she is old enough she is put into service as a ladies maid But things in the castle where she works seem familiar and she becomes aware of a secret past that the servants have covered up for years.I enjoyed this book, although not mind blowing, the characters are good and the tale moves along at a good pace If you like stories based around historical ireland thi [...]

    25. What a lovely story Another literary gem from Nadine Dorries Set mainly in Ireland, you can almost feel the warmth emanating from its pages I read this book in two sittings, only pausing to sleep I was drawn into the past and present life of Ruby Flynn and her family Full of not only sadness and sorrow, but love and laughter This is one family saga you won t want to miss Thanks to author Nadine Dorries and publisher Head of Zeus for the opportunity to read this book.

    26. I actually want to give this book 4 1 2 stars I have read all Nadine Dories books so far and this is possibly best I recommend you read the short story Ellinora first as it gives some background to events that are mentioned in the book.I really liked Ruby as a character and the supporting cast were well developed and believable My only gripe is that the ending was rushed and I didn t like Ruby and Lord Charles having sex, it is an over used device to get couples together.

    27. This book is a family saga based in Post WWII rural Ireland and Liverpool, England I enjoyed the story immensely, possibly because it had many elements of Jane Eyre and also of Downton Abbey Ruby is a lovable, strong enough heroine and the story had a feel good ending, both factors that add up to a good read for me.

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