Stepbrother Hero: A Forbidden Military Romance

Stepbrother Hero: A Forbidden Military Romance By Krista Lakes Cassandra Zara, You better be careful, or I ll have to rip that dress right off of you, he growled I m pregnant, and the father of my child is the one man that I can t have He s intelligent, muscular, and oh so sexy He s also my stepbrother Ian got off on tormenting me for years, using my silly crush to humiliate me over and over However, things have changed since he joined the A You better be careful, or I ll have to rip that dress right off of you, he growled I m pregnant, and the father of my child is the one man that I can t have He s intelligent, muscular, and oh so sexy He s also my stepbrother Ian got off on tormenting me for years, using my silly crush to humiliate me over and over However, things have changed since he joined the Army I ve grown up, filled out, and come into my own Even though he was leaving in a month, I soon realized that I would do anything, take any risk, to keep him in my life Especially if I could give him the one thing he had always wanted A baby.. Stepbrother Hero A Forbidden Military Romance You better be careful or I ll have to rip that dress right off of you he growled I m pregnant and the father of my child is the one man that I can t have He s intelligent muscular and oh so sexy

  • Title: Stepbrother Hero: A Forbidden Military Romance
  • Author: Krista Lakes Cassandra Zara
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. It was a struggle to finish but finish I did just so I could see how it ended I love the taboo reads and step brother sister hotness But this wasn t like that Ian and Hayley had only been related for like 3 years but aside from that Ian and Hayley were just too immature and I swear I expected to find out Ian had a vagina somewhere behind his monster cock because he acted like a grade A pussy the last part of this book when his dumbass twat burger ex came back in the picture Hayley had balls tha [...]

    2. 1.5 Stars SPOILERS Book full length, standalone Writing First person, heroine Editing needs work missing punctuation, missing letters in words, incorrect words Hero Ian Jackson, 24 Soldier, little league football coach, former high school football star Teased Hayley in high school, but later runs guys away from her once they are step siblings He looked at me as only a bad boy could Cocky and confident as all get out Heroine Hayley Hemingway, 21 photographer, former ugly duckling, virgin Had a cr [...]

    3. I have to start off by saying that I m so glad that I got to finally finish this book What did to the author when she was publishing this as a serial was just awful But, she was able to publish this as one book, and I for one was beyond happy I loved the beginning of this book I loved the chemistry between Ian and Hayley I loved how they got together, how they d always wanted to be together The beginning of the story was great, how Ian and Hayley finally got together, the plans they were making [...]

    4. dont want to say too much about this one the blurb tells you what this is about.Couple of issues I had was that the stepbrother has unprotected sex with his stepsistershe thinks she can t get pregnant first time she has sex should be made clear that this is a misnomer and its not something to joke about he also has unprotected sex with his ex fiance who is pregnant and alleges he is the father of her baby the blurb tells us he is intelligent Yeah I didn t like the direction this was going the ch [...]

    5. This book infuriated me to no end First off it needs another round of edits Second, is that author trying to make us hate everyone Seriously, Ian was THE hero He was the biggest asshole jerk I ve read in a while Our protagonist, no backbone whatsoever No self respect whatsoever Completely grossed out by her own lack of self worth I HATE doing a DNF so I always try my best to finish a story I was hoping against hope that the story would redeem itself at the end, no such luck though If anything th [...]

    6. Not so muchThis truly was a struggle to finish I thought in the beginning of the book that Hayley had her 21st birthday I caught myself having to remind myself how old she was because she was just plain immature, or just an idiot She put herself in danger on purpose so Ian would have to come to her rescue How stupid can someone be I m not even going to start on Ian All I m going to say is I struggled with seeing him as some sexy hero This novel definitely wasn t for me.

    7. Took awhile to finish this Its supposed to be taboo but its not The hero didn t grow up with the heroine from infancy instead they became related late in their teen years The hero was a beta tho he was military He wasn t take charge The heroine was alpha than the hero The ex girlfriend drama seemed to be unnecessary A so so read Not really compelling.

    8. Ok so this book almost had potential The heroine was very immature at times and the hero was weak Haley ended up being the alpha of this book I wanted to throw my phone when Rachel shows up Really Does anyone not notice what a bitch she is in that house His mom needed to be punched in the face too she needed to mind her own business Then the part in the hospital I wanted to smack some sense into Ian geez dude grow some balls

    9. No, just no I should have DNFed after I read about the ropes of life giving seed splashing inside the h s vagina for the 100th time.

    10. Holy shit this book was a waste of time Ian was an asshole His mom was a super cunt and Ian was a baby trap and he didn t care about anything else, at all.

    11. This review was originally posted on Delighted ReaderOh a lot to get off my chest about things Ok, what s with the stepbrother craze in books lately It borders on ridiculousnd of like all the billionaire books So anyway, I haven t read many of them, so I decided with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I would try one after my last failed attempt And I still don t understand it Like, I have two stepbrothers I never grew up or lived with any of them I never found them attractive, but if I had, woul [...]

    12. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw, now back on once removedor whatnot It caught my attention so I clicked Well, to see it was a forbidden type of love and out of the genre I normally read gave me pause but I opened the sample Holy hell Ms Lakes draws you into Hayley and Ian s story headfirst.ahem Not that head Dirty minded review readers Anyhow, from the first glimpse of Ian in the shower you seriously need to take a cold one yourself or throw your reading device of choice into the freeze [...]

    13. I rolled my eyes so hardspoilers Where do I even start This book started out promising, the sample part you get is great and it books you Right away I thought oh I like the main m.c enough to buy the book en the rest happenedFirst eyeroll, not only did she want to have sex with her legit step brother, I mean that s what the book was called right But she took it a step further and wanted to have a baby with him Even fantasizing about it Then, then she sets out to try and make it happen by beating [...]

    14. This book is a little steamier than my usual fare, but I hope everyone loves it It was originally published as a series called A Baby for My Military Stepbrother under my erotica pen name The first three parts soared into the top 100 and I was ecstatic Then said it didn t meet their guidelines and blocked it from sale.I was crushed Three parts out and I had the next three parts already written Yet, I couldn t offer it for sale After hundreds of fans emailed about this series and the other series [...]

    15. I m not sure how this is a forbidden romance They are connected through marriage and were not raised under the same roof as siblings growing up and it s stated they resided as teens for mere months I ve read other work by this author that I abandoned and bought this on the cover alone, not paying attention to the author, lesson learned A few spelling errors.They have countless unprotected porn not erotic sex and their first time all she can think about is being Prego with his child yet Ian is ma [...]

    16. Great story,butI really liked the story line, and it really kept my attention I would have given it a much higher rating had it not been for all of tell errors in the writing itself, which in some parts I found myself becoming rather frustrated with because there were so many Needs better proof reading editing a I think this would have been at least 4 star book.

    17. Stepbrother Hero is a stand alone book by Krista Lakes I m a huge fan of this author and her series The Kisses, and this book is just another reason why I love her style of writing The storyline was solid and had a great flow The chemistry between the characters was smokin hot in and out of the bedroom Krista is a fabulous author and I guarantee you won t be disappointed

    18. I pushed myself to finish this one Sorry but just not my cup of tea all characters are idiots except the stepdad.

    19. Ian and Hayley became step siblings three years ago, although they knew of each other all through high school Haley s high school best friend, Rachel, knows about the crush Hayley has on Ian before they become siblings After Hayley starts dating a guy Rachel liked she starts to date Ian She ends up cheating on him days after he proposes to her Ian is a war hero and after coming back from his most recent tour, him and Hayley find themselves home alone for the weekend Neither of them know that the [...]

    20. I ve read Krista Lakes entire Kisses series and absolutely loved every story So when I became aware that she had begun a new series, Stepbrother Hero A Forbidden Romance, I was intrigued I decided to head over to and read the synopsis and some of the reviews Well, to be honest I was a little surprised as I noticed there were quite a few 1 and 2 star reviews which was virtually impossible for me believe having had extensive experience with Krista Lakes Well I decided I had to read Stepbrother Her [...]

    21. This was banned from why I thought this would be a lot sexier and taboo since it was supposedly banned Our leads are step siblings, but it sounds like they barely even lived together Their parents married when Hayley and Ian were young adults They knew each other before, she pined for him, he teased her, and then their parents came home from a weekend in Vegas married and now their love is forbidden The romance was sweet, but at times very immature She acted like a spoiled teen at times, stompi [...]

    22. HOLY WOW This is the first Stepbrother novel I have ever read, and I loved it I have never really thought much about reading this kind of book, but as it was Krista s book, I couldn t not read it having loved her work so far This is totally different from her Kisses series which I love, but it is definitely hot as hell When Ian returned from the military, Hayley has changed, filled out, since he left She had a crush on him before, but now all she wants is him There are twists and turns in this b [...]

    23. Well it was better than the first one, because this heroine kind of had a back bone than the first one, but it was still a dumb story The whole Rachel thing was ridiculous and uncalled for Ian was a giant pussy and Hayley needed to take a chill pill for her obsession with her step brother These guys didn t grow up together, were only step siblings for three years, so I didn t know the issue these guys had of being together Also Hayley using a baby to keep Ian at one point, girl that in entrapmen [...]

    24. spoiler alert this book only lost a star for the simple fact that the ending was not satisfactory why well i would of love to know how the mom and dad took the new not only that how was the mother gonna make it up to her also how come he didn t beg for forgiveness for putting her through all that but mostly is the fact that it left me wanting to know what happened after he comes back not just that he came back other than that the book was great and i loved it but i m disappointed that this is th [...]

    25. HesitantI was quite hesitant to read this book The idea of hooking up with a step brother has always seemed too strange to me But the reviews were so good and they said they only lived together for 6 months, so in flight in would give it a try and boy am I glad I did This book was great, loved the story I had a connection with the two main characters, which always makes a story better Towards the end it got a little to dramatic, I mean come on really Loved it still If you are a little sceptical [...]

    26. I absolutely loved this book My heart broke for Hailey when Rachel showed up pregnant claiming the baby as Ian s I wanted to smack Rachel so bad I couldn t stand it I don t like her I think she was just jealous of Hailey from the beginning childhood But she so an opening and that opening was Ian My heart was breaking for Hailey and Ian in the end Ian finally saw Rachel s true colors yet again I was so happy to see that Hailey and Ian got their happy ending I hope we get to see some of Hailey an [...]

    27. Hayley was and always has been in love with her stepbrother Ian But Ian seen her as a sister than anything else So she thought.Ian was a soldier who had toured Iraq and Afghanistan but had a hard time keeping a fianc from cheating on him After suffering a heartbreak and being forced to go stay home for awhile he fesses up his real feelings for step sister dearest Things seemed to be going good until the dreaded ex comes back with a big secret But unbeknownst to Ian hayley also has a newly disco [...]

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