The Measure of a Man

The Measure of a Man By Posy Roberts, William Harris is a reserved man, private and guarded He has no one to go home to He s never found a man worth sticking around for He s never been in love And he s convinced he s happy with his lone wolf life.Nate Kelly is William s opposite, social and easy going He comes into William s life as the elegant geisha Momo When William realizes Momo is a man in drag, he William Harris is a reserved man, private and guarded He has no one to go home to He s never found a man worth sticking around for He s never been in love And he s convinced he s happy with his lone wolf life.Nate Kelly is William s opposite, social and easy going He comes into William s life as the elegant geisha Momo When William realizes Momo is a man in drag, he s captivated.From their first date, William s world changes Nate is nothing like his usual type And William soon finds out being with this carefree man means always being on display and attracting attention, which makes him want to retreat He tries to keep Nate at arm s length, but it s no use Nate s transformed his life in a matter of months and keeps drawing him back in.If they stand a chance, William has to be comfortable standing next to someone so at home in the limelight Their future together and William s happiness depend on it Is Nate the man finally worth giving up William s solitary existence Is he worth sticking around for Extensively reworked from the short story, The Measure of a Man.. The Measure of a Man William Harris is a reserved man private and guarded He has no one to go home to He s never found a man worth sticking around for He s never been in love And he s convinced he s happy with his lone w

  • Title: The Measure of a Man
  • Author: Posy Roberts
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 416
  • Format: ebook
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    1. 1.5 HeartsI know it s gauche for a reviewer to compare books but I cannot figure out a better way to explain why this didn t work for me Apologies for my creativite paucity.I recently read The Impossible Boy by Anna Martin and if it were possible for a person and a book to have a meaningful relationship, we d have one Not that I was expecting a carbon copy of Martin s book, but I loved Stan s gender fluidity and Ben s acceptance of it and my motivation for choosing this was thinking it would be [...]

    2. 1.5 stars So much promise, but such a disappointing executionWhen I saw there would be a male geishaBut no.First and foremost, if you, like me, choose to read this for the crossdressing aspectn t Is that your full time job Gracious no Nate placed his fingertips on his chest, as if my suggestion physically hurt him If I had to do that forty hours a week, I d die Nate s words, not mine There is a hot scene with William and Momo Nate s name as a geisha but that s about it.Second, I just didn t like [...]

    3. This is one of those hard to rate books.There was a great deal I enjoyed But there was also a fair amount that I had issues with Those kind of issues that make you cringe and sigh aloud.I liked both William and Nate, but I especially liked Nate William never really won me over and I m sad about that I feel badly for him He never really fit into his own skin I d like to say that he s not ashamed of the man that he is, but I think that s exactly it That is, until he meets Momo Momo is a geisha at [...]

    4. Many, many moons ago, I read the first chapter of this book in a different incarnation, and I also have the previously published version of the whole book I struggled with a review for a while, and I m still not sure that what you re about to read is going to accurately convey my thoughts There were many things I liked about this book, especially Nate His carefree, easy going persona really appealed to me, but I could also see that he had much inner strength, and a forgiving nature, which was tr [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars Does anyone ever really get another person Nate asked Everything they get is still filtered through their own lenses I ll second that And it is not always the first impression that counts Sometimes you have to take a closer not to say a very close look at somebody to see what makes him tick, to see through his facade Regardless of the fact wether he is wearing an actual disguise or not.William Harris and Nate Kelly meet during a company event at a Japanese teahouse where Nate works dre [...]

    6. This short story was lovely.A gorgeous African american falling in love with a effeminate white man, working in a Japanese restaurant dress up as a Geisha.Did I mentioned that is also free

    7. Momo, My Everything was already released in the 2014 with the title The Measure of a Man, it was really short and I ll be honest and say it didn t satisfy me, I read it and it was just meh It was very rushed and unfinished I was so happy to know the author rework on it turning it into a novella.Posy Roberts is one of my favorite authors, I loved all the books she wrote, I like her writing style and adore the characters she depicts But this re release was not a huge winner to me While I enjoyed i [...]

    8. This review and much can be found at The Novel Approach William is a buttoned up financial guy who while out for the evening with a work group meets Momo, a geisha, who is really a man William finds Momo fascinating and beautiful When Momo, aka Nate, slips him his number after William steps in on boorish behavior, it s another surprise But the bigger surprise is that William actually calls Nate and when they get together they have a really good time William is not out at work though and he s no [...]

    9. I never expected to use this gif with this author Posy Roberts is one of my favorite authors Her realistic words, characters and emotions get me every time I read one of her works Its hard for me to write this review I don t think this should have been a novella It should have been full length With the amount of backstory and characteristics that she put into William, it wasn t far to not get the same for Nate So much information surrounding Will, and yeah it was told from his point of view, but [...]

    10. Elegant romance between an African American male and a stunning feminine male It was beautifully executed from start to finish, my only gripe I wish it was longer Thoroughly enjoyed this.

    11. What an intriguing and enchanting story My curiosity was captured and blossomed for me as soon as I read the Author s Note , which referenced The Measure of a Man , the precursor to this book Writing style was fluid and engrossing, like a stroll along a flowered path in the spring storytelling was compelling, and the various backdrops ranging from the teahouse to the loctician s shop, student theater, Nate s apartment, and family interactions were out of the ordinary and beguiling and the charac [...]

    12. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Posy Roberts has been one of my auto buy authors ever since I read North Star She never fails to write about remarkably diverse people and I so appreciate that In her new short story, Momo My Everything which I understand is an extension of a previous shorter story that I never read we are introduced to two men who show that opposites can definitely attract William and Nate epitomize the saying first impressions aren t always correct And the fact that William is an Afri [...]

    13. I ve never read anything about Geisha s before it was pretty interesting and I learned a few things about Geisha s and tea ceremonies, so really enjoyed that aspect of the bookThe book as a whole had so much promiseI loved the characters and the storyline plot, but with the book only being 95 pages long I think the author cut out a lot of scenes and stuff that I think are really important.For example in books I love some of my favourite parts are the 1st kiss swoon and also the 1st sex scene you [...]

    14. Advance Review Copy generously provided by the author via Signal Boost Promotions.The synopsis, y all lots of nuggets in there made me hopeful The reserved guy with locks brought out of his shell A man in Geisha drag plus Japanese tea ceremonies Falling in love with someone totally opposite from a pattern of attraction That this started as a short story I didn t read but the author felt a need to expand and re work because the characters deserved .Plenty there to get me excited.Alas, it didn t w [...]

    15. William has always led a careful life Always so concerned about what someone might think of him, would they know he was gay And if they know would they think he wasn t masculine because of it When he meets Nate, he s shocked to find out the gorgeous geisha is actually a man in drag Nate slips him his number and the two meet up for dinner Nate is every bit as charming as Momo the geisha is He is also very out as being gay, something that William struggles with I loved how Nate makes William quest [...]

    16. 3.5 starsWilliam hasn t felt like he has fit in anywhere since he told his family he was gay His twin brother didn t help matters and only after William moved away did things get somewhat easier for him He keeps himself wrapped up tight at work and doesn t rock the boat Then, he meets Momo at a work function and realizes she s really a man He s highly intrigued, and Momo gives him her number Nate, aka Momo, is comfortable in his skin He s very likable character He sees the real William and is pa [...]

    17. This is the story of closeted accountant William who is a two dimensional cardboard cut out of a person, to quote the book and how he comes out of the closet and accepts himself once he meets Momo Nate The story is told entirely from his point of view.Nate works part time as a female Geisha Momo which is how the two meet when William attends a company function at a Japanese tea house William is attracted to Momo but can t understand why since he usually went for masculine men and not someone as [...]

    18. William goes to a work function at a tea house where one of the geishas catch his eye and he realizes that she s not just another girl,she is a man in drag At the end of the evening a card is passed and a connection made Loved the story building and characters,nate momo seems like the guy you want to hang out with Loved this story and look forward to reading from the author.

    19. lovely well written book that is really great to read William is a quiet reserved young man who feels an instant attraction to Nate Momo William meets him when Momo is working as a geisha Throughout this book you will follow their relationship, feel Thier fears and watch them grow The characters are easy to love which makes the story easier to become invested in I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book and I m so glad I did it s amazing

    20. Oh man I loved this book I loved how it flowed and how pretty it felt while reading I read in one fell swoop and now I need to read again William and Nate were both interesting characters and I loved how they met I thought it was a great story and thoroughly enjoyed reading it I would definitely recommend this novella.

    21. It takes the right person for us to find the best in ourselves clich d but true I loved watching William grow into his own skin as he fell for the vibrant Nate Such a sweet story, loved seeing William fall for his Momo Though short, nothing about this book felt rushed with the beautiful writing and storytelling here, this one will be a re read for sure Received ARC for honest review

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