The Terms of Release

The Terms of Release By B.A. Tortuga Slate Anders, 8 hrs 1 minThey say a man can always come home So after doing hard time, Sage Redding heads to his family s northeast Texas ranch to help his ailing daddy with the cutting horses.Adam Win Winchester is a county deputy and the cousin of one of the men killed in the incident that sent Sage to prison for almost a decade While Win s uncles, Jim and Teddy, are determined to8 hrs 1 minThey say a man can always come home So after doing hard time, Sage Redding heads to his family s northeast Texas ranch to help his ailing daddy with the cutting horses.Adam Win Winchester is a county deputy and the cousin of one of the men killed in the incident that sent Sage to prison for almost a decade While Win s uncles, Jim and Teddy, are determined to make Sage and the entire Redding family pay for their loss, Win just figures Sage has paid his dues and maybe needs a friend Maybe he needs than a friend In fact, Win s counting on it.No one s denying Sage is an ex con who went to prison for manslaughter Regardless of the love he has for his father, he s returned knowing things will likely go badly for him.Maybe a man can always come home, but he may not be able to stay.. The Terms of Release hrs minThey say a man can always come home So after doing hard time Sage Redding heads to his family s northeast Texas ranch to help his ailing daddy with the cutting horses Adam Win Winchester i

  • Title: The Terms of Release
  • Author: B.A. Tortuga Slate Anders
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Audible Audio
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    1. Sage Redding made a terrible mistake when he was a teenager and ended up getting 10 years of jail time because of it Did he deserve it Well, it doesn t really matter to him now because he has finished his sentence and is now living on his own A free man who has paid his debt Originally from Texas, where his family currently lives, he decides to stay in California so he won t have to deal with the demons that live in his hometown and want him to continue to pay for his youthful mistakes.When Sage [...]

    2. 3.5I loved Sage and I only wanted good things for him because he deserved it This was very instalovey but the development of the men s relationship moved beyond that to a very layered and sweet commitment There was great chemistry here and some lovely secondary characters but also a few very transparent villains that dragged the story into a melodramatic slog Still, it was all worth it to see something good happen for Sage and even though I liked Adam I was invested in Sage s journey Sweet read [...]

    3. Hmm I ve got mixed emotions about this one I absolutely adored Sage and his sense of humor and how damn fierce and strong he was Adam was cool, not my fav tho Good story overall, really made my so sympathetic toward sage My biggest niggle was that SO MUCH HAPPENED in this book If that makes sense Like, could cut out a couple of chapters altogether and still had a well rounded story to the point I found myself skimming every once in a while But from the southernerisms to Sages fabulous inner dial [...]

    4. Sappy to the max, like one of those old timey afternoon matinees where the Kleenex alternates with the Tim Tams Sniffle Still I did enjoy it.

    5. I truly enjoyed this book It s a bit better than four stars, but not amazing for me This is a sweet romance with a little suspense The guys are super southern There were a couple conversations that felt too southern Stereotypes in play We get a lot of exposure to Adam and Sage getting to know each other That was nice.

    6. All Sage wants is to keep his head down and be left alone but it seems that s too much to ask for Adam sees the wrong being done against Sage by some who can t let the past go He only wants to give him a fair chance he doesn t expect to fall so hard for the quiet man This was all about second chances At times heartbreaking, I quite enjoyed this angsty, hurt comfort story.

    7. DNF at 50%I couldn t get used to the writing in this one After reading this part, I really tried to read on, but eventually gave up at 50% His cock was so hard a cat couldn t scratch it.

    8. Roughly 3.5 stars It wasn t great, but there were some parts I liked They just weren t enough to bring the rating up .

    9. 4 StarsAs I said in my update, I m not sure if it s the addition of a narrator or it s just this book in general but the story is so much well written than many of the other B.A Tortuga titles I ve read previously I really should get around to figuring out which ones I ve finished and mark them as such they were all early MM reads for me, I do remember that I m definitely going to put the next one on the TBR shelf I do want to take a moment to point out that the whole prison aspect of this book [...]

    10. This is a fairly familiar plot line the wrongfully incarcerated cowboy gets out of prison after almost a decade, and heads home to help his beleaguered family There he meets the gay cop, his best ally in a town that thinks he s a killer But the characters were well done, and there were fun touches and secondary characters, like the biker married to the cafe owner time in prison was neither over dramatized nor sanitized, and the family life that infused the story worked for me My biggest complain [...]

    11. I am very pleased with this story Yes I am.And quite a bit homesick as well as this book takes place in Northeast Texas, my old stompin grounds.A sweet, easy, laid back read where men are men and no one takes shit off each other Kinda like how Texas iscommend

    12. Overall book review 4 Stars Audio book Narrator Slate Anders 3.5 stars Book cover 4 starsThis was just so sad My heart broke for Sage, but I loved how Adam had his back.

    13. Not bad for being a cowboy romance, but sometimes the language dialect kind of got too much for me One square hand came up, cradled the back of his head and supported his neck, and damn, but that felt fine as frog hair I didn t even know frogs had hair Good lord and butter, Sage was sweating like a whore in church You got needing in your eyes, darlin Well, at least it indeed fell very cowboy ish And it was cute And full of angst So all in all quite entertaining.

    14. This was a book based a great idea but the writing style is just not up to executing that idea The setup is really intriguing, with Sage, who d been serving time in prison for the accidental killing of Win s cousin, returning home to save the family ranch The sheriff, Win s uncle, is out to get Sage he blames Sage for killing his nephew Win wants to protect Sage from his revenge minded relatives, and also starts falling for sage Some of the psychological points the author hits are spot on, and I [...]

    15. 2nd read 7 4I absolutely loved this book Cowboys really aren t my thing Reading this became my thing I done found me a pocket cowboy ya ll I was hooked from beginning to end.

    16. Not a bad story, too much Texas speak, not just in dialogue but even in character s thoughts Swole just freaked me out as did broke dick cowboy Then there is this Sage stood there for a second, watching He didn t have nothing to say Not a thing Wait he had something to say Right No No he didn t So many bad things events happened It got a bit much Sweet enough MC s, Sage and Adam, did help the rating More sappy than raunchy for my liking, melodrama than angst, that doesn t work so much for me.Pr [...]

    17. 3.5 starsFor the most part I enjoyed this story Sage pretty much broke my heart for all that he went through The one thing I did liked the most was he accepted what life threw at him and wasn t a bitter person I liked Adam also and they were good together, but Sage was my favorite What I didn t enjoy was there was way too much that took place in this story Too many events, it just made things too jumbled That took a little bit away from my enjoyment of the story But all in all a good cowboy them [...]

    18. I loved this.I thought I would have an ick factor, because I have a son named Sage, and, yeah, I don t want to hear my kids name, with sex YUCK.But, the narrator gave Sage a voice, that made it so I could completely ignore the name.It was a little insta loveybut I loved the story Poor Sage was starved for affection It was nice seeing him realize how many people cared for him.It was a little painful at times, seeing how much hate was thrown at Sage, for poor choices he made as a kid.Great story.

    19. I absolutely loved this book What a perfect plot line What is a good son to do when his mother calls him up out of the blue and tells him he needs to come home, that she needs his help because his father is ill and can t keep up with the family business and farm any longer Most sons would just go home, maybe grumbling along the way depending on the life they were leaving behind But for Sage, the issue was far greater than just leaving his life and job behind Sage had left home at the age of eigh [...]

    20. Terms of Release is the heartbreaking story of Sage, a man who made the mistake of falling in lust with the wrong guy when he was eighteen, spent eight years in maximum security prison for manslaughter, and is treated horribly when he comes home to help out his elderly parents The family of the man he fell for blames Sage for his death and tries to make life impossible for him If not for Adam, one of the town deputies, I am not sure Sage would have made it.Sage is an amazing man He has suffered [...]

    21. bianchianita1971 2Quanto deve pagare e soffrire un uomo per un errore nemmeno suo commesso quando aveva diciotto anni Beh, Sage st ancora pagando, pesantemente, ogni giorno, dopo dieci anni E dovuto rientrare in una cittadina che lo odia per aiutare il padre malato a mandare avanti il loro ranch ma vive giornalmente sulla sua pelle angherie e insulti Per fortuna dalla sua parte c Adam, un poliziotto nonch cugino del famigerato Angel, morto nell incendio per il quale finito in prigione Sage Adam [...]

    22. This book had two really likable MCs Sage Redding and Adam Winchester were two really good guys with great capacity to love.I loved the way the author wrote Sage To quote the author Sage was like a parched desert when it came to affection good thing Win had a lot to spare So true Sage just came home to help his mother and father run their ranch because Sage father suffered from Parkinson disease and it was progressing Sage had stayed away because he was hated in town as he was blamed for the dea [...]

    23. I really, really liked this The MC s were so loveable, especially Sage I love a good cowboy book, and this pocket cowboy did not disappoint me at all He s honest, loving, sweet, loyal, and an ex con who went to prison for manslaughter Adam is a deputy that gives Sage a chance and after meeting him, knows that he s worthy of friendship and so much The story was great It crushed me and I hated the people in the town for much of the first half But then we meet other characters that are also so gre [...]

    24. This was a great story, with two very likable MCs, a good supporting cast of characters, and a nice, quiet, somewhat difficult romance 3.5 stars rounded up, because there were a couple of things that made me cringe bc research Full review will be on Booklikes and my blog.

    25. A warm and cosy, quite satisfyingly uncomplicated cowboy romance lifted into 4 stars by the excellent narration of Slate Anders.

    26. 4.5 5 The writing for this book wasn t sophisticate, and yet its roughness fully encapsulate the spirit of the South It breathed life into the story and its characters It put you right in the middle of the twirl and hurl that these characters s life It s warm with a touch of comfort like morning tea, yet can still be heart breaking all at the same time The thing I loved most about the book was the tenderness between Adam and Sage It was sweet without being corny or mushy The endearment between t [...]

    27. DNF at 57%A perfectly nice book where by the 50% mark, the MCs are already in love and deeply devoted to each other The only thing that remains is to see what ll happen with the evil uncles who are still after the ex con hero and I just don t care enough to read about that.The beginning was promising, what with the hero returning to hishome town and clashing with those who think of him as a murderer and danger to their little town There was drama, angst, tension and then after a couple of meetin [...]

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