Knock 'em Dead

Knock 'em Dead By Rhonda Pollero, None. Knock em Dead None

  • Title: Knock 'em Dead
  • Author: Rhonda Pollero
  • ISBN: 9780758215598
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “Knock 'em Dead”

    1. This book ticked me off in a BIG way 1 The book is unresearched and contains bogus facts that triggered my legal geek button and 2 I paid the hardcover price Finley Tanner is a paralegal specializing in estate and probates in the state of Florida Right up my alley Except I do it in Washington When her best friend, Jane, shows up at her door covered in blood, she calls an attorney at her office and contacts the police Turns out Jane went on a date that was arranged through a high class dating ser [...]

    2. This is the 2nd book in the Finley Anderson Tanner FAT series A West Palm Beach paralegal who hates the gym, still rents her condo, and loves two hour lunches with her friends But what really gets Finley hot is hunting down deeply discounted designer goods she can wear at her upscale law firm.I really enjoyed the first one Knock Off and I really enjoyed this one as well In this book Finley knows it can t be good news when she s awakened at 5 40 A.M by someone knocking on her door Her hunch prove [...]

    3. 4 stars are for the fun experience I had when I read this book.I don t know much about paralegal world, so I didn t care whether the author wrote this book based on research or not One thing I know that I laughed over FAT s silly moves and that s enough for this kind of book This is the kind of book that I read totally just for fun

    4. Following the escapades of Finley Anderson Tanner as she tries to solve the mystery of who really killed the man her best friend is charged with murdering.Fun and light in the Stephanie Plum vein, crossed with the Shopaholic The plot isn t quite as original, especially the side story involving Finley s boyfriend Patrick, which you can predict a mile away But still entertaining.

    5. This was my first look at Rhonda Pollero s character Finley Tanner and I have to say I was rather surprised out how easy and enjoyable the reading was I like a good humorous novel and Pollero knows how to keep it both light and amusing with a good story I look forward to reading her other books.

    6. I hate to not finish a book, but too many cuss words and sex related talk Not my thing, so after about 20 pages I m moving on to the next in my TBR pile.

    7. I finished the entire series of Finley Anderson Tanner books by Rhonda Pollero This series was a VERY VERY simple read It was a combination of Chick Lit and Mystery but mostly Chick Lit, the mystery was much to be desired The author s writing is beginner level at best Do not get me wrong, I read the books and enjoyed them to some degree, however the plots were sub par and unbelievable The author would introduce a problem but often times would not resolve it Another thing that was annoying was th [...]

    8. Finley is still working as a paralegal Her best friend Jane shows up at her house covered in blood and telling about how the date she had been set up with was dead and Jane didn t remember anything about it Finley works with all her friends and PI Liam to try to get Jane out on bail She is given an attorney by Fantasy Dates, the company that set her up, and he s a total moron Jane ends up staying in jail for a week Jane takes out a loan from her mom and the mom charges interest Jane discovers th [...]

    9. Knock Em Dead is a well written, captivating and highly entertaining novel There are a lot of things I love about this book the in depth characters and storyline, the plot, dialogue, and fantastic scenes It had me rooting for Finley the whole way I was glued to this book and I loved every part of it Not only is it realistic and believable, but it s also very easy to relate to Each character has their flaws despite their overall appearance One thing I hated was how Finley was indecisive regarding [...]

    10. First reviewer, Tammy Some notes.1 She couldn t get on Westlaw, because she has been fired from the firm and they cut iff her Access True, she should have known better than to even try.2 The bank never let them liquidate Jane s assets, but they will accept a notarized power of attorney I used to deal with that all the time, when my Navy officer husband was deployed In Florida.3 Finley had authority figure issues, but everything she did was for someone elseher friend who had come to her for help [...]

    11. Nothing unusual here in this book.Traditional murder mystery with an amateur who thinks they are the next Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple with undercurrents of sexual tension.But it was an enjoyable read.Clue 1 If some evil looking person says to you don t go down to the basement, then don t go down there I notice in these types of books the protagonist just doesn t understand that clue

    12. it definately wasn t the worst book i ve ever read, but it came close to the just plain waste of time category however, i always feel the need to finish books i start, unless they re god awful it was okay story wise, but i really disliked finley she did a great job in portraying the stupid, naive blonde who doesn t listen to what they re told and lacks in the common sense and willpower department.

    13. I loved this book Finley was a very likeable character, and she was funny Normally, I don t love books that are written in first person, but after a few pages, I forgot about that personal preference The story was well written, and it didn t lose my attention If you like mysteries and sassy heroines, you will enjoy this book.

    14. I really enjoyed this series so far even though I read book 3 and then books 1 and 2 This book was no exception Can t wait for the next one Kind of surprised it is not coming out until next year, but I guess I m not sure when the 3rd came out, so maybe that s not as unusual as it seems to me.

    15. This one was fun too I like the twists in her mysteries and the mess that is Finley s life I mean, all she did was open her door for a friend The heat with McGarrity is a nice bonus, and the clothes were again fabulous.

    16. I noted some content errors i.e referencing the wrong Meg Ryan movie for its famous deli scene but I still enjoyed this book for its humor, spunk, zany antics, sexual tension, family and shopping dynamics, entertaining friendships and intriguing mystery I read her first, will read her next.

    17. This was just what I needed, a mindless escape from the real world A mystry a little romance and a few witty remarks.

    18. Nettement moins enlev et dr le que le pr c dent, de la m me collection girls in the city avec un peu trop de r f rences mon go t la mode et au sexy utilis tout bout de champ.

    19. 3.5 Stars This is a fun series with Finley trying to help out a friend accused of murder She s able to solve the crime but there is no real skill there Still a lot of fun.

    20. A Lady Finley trying to help out a friend who is in jail for murder and chopping off a penis The book is funny If you have time

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