Galactic North

Galactic North By Alastair Reynolds, A fantastic foray back into the world of REVELATION SPACE by Britain s mastersinger of the space opera Contents 1 Great Wall of Mars Revelation Space 2000 novelette by Alastair Reynolds47 Glacial Revelation Space 2001 novella by Alastair Reynolds95 A Spy in Europa Revelation Space 1997 shortstory by Alastair Reynolds117 Weather ReveA fantastic foray back into the world of REVELATION SPACE by Britain s mastersinger of the space opera Contents 1 Great Wall of Mars Revelation Space 2000 novelette by Alastair Reynolds47 Glacial Revelation Space 2001 novella by Alastair Reynolds95 A Spy in Europa Revelation Space 1997 shortstory by Alastair Reynolds117 Weather Revelation Space novella by Alastair Reynolds170 Dilation Sleep Revelation Space 1990 shortstory by Alastair Reynolds186 Grafenwelder s Bestiary Revelation Space novelette by Alastair Reynolds231 Nightingale Revelation Space novella by Alastair Reynolds299 Galactic North Revelation Space 1999 novelette by Alastair Reynolds338 Afterword Galactic North essay by Alastair Reynolds. Galactic North A fantastic foray back into the world of REVELATION SPACE by Britain s mastersinger of the space opera Contents Great Wall of Mars Revelation Space novelette by Alastair Reynolds Glacial Reve

  • Title: Galactic North
  • Author: Alastair Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780575083127
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Galactic North Reynolds excels at shorter lengthsOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureHaving read all the full length novels in Alastair Reynolds REVELATION SPACE series, I knew I d eventually get to his shorter works set in the same dark and complex universe The main novels are Revelation Space, Redemption Ark, Chasm City, Absolution Gap, and The Prefect Reynolds has produced a detailed future history, inspired by works such as Bruce Sterling s Schismatrix, Larry Niven s KNOWN SPACE, and Iain [...]

    2. While I m still working through the audio of Redemption Ark I thought I might check out some of the Rev Space short stories he published earlier in this collection.I m glad I decided to read these in publication order because there is some crossover between the stories as well as the the two shorts in Diamond Dogs Turquoise Days I was able to appreciate cameo appearances from characters who were written earlier which would otherwise just appeared random I think this is an excellent collection fo [...]

    3. Galactic North by Alastair Reynolds is a selection of 8 short stories set in Reynolds Revelation Space universe All of the stories are good.

    4. Great addition to Revelation Space universe Even if not all stories are related to the trilogy, they are set in the same universe and bring in some new details related to some of the events and concepts used in the series Great Wall of Mars the story of Clavain from way back when he became a Conjoiner, set in the events on Mars and also his first encounter with Felka A beautiful story about honour and betrayal 5 5 Glacial gripping tale about Clavain s mission on Diadem, an Earth like planet, to [...]

    5. I can t get enough of the Revelation Space universe I just can t This future history feels almost as real and detailed and nuanced to me at this point as real history does I ve already read most of the novels in this series, and with some trepidation moved on to this collection of short stories So many authors who excel in longer forms do poorly with short stories, and vice versa I needn t have worried Reynolds is, if anything, even skilled at the short story format perhaps because it forces hi [...]

    6. I m supremely happy to know that Reynolds as a short story writer is just as good as Reynolds as a novelist Some of the stories were unabashedly nostalgic for me, but others, such as the last one, Galactic North, really bit deep into my subconscious and wouldn t let go I wanted and of that one, but there were a few others that even verged on the mythical I m thinking of a certain medical ship, not to mention a fascination of worms.Strangely enough, I got a lot out of the afterward, as well, wh [...]

    7. A good mixed bag, but the 1999 story Galactic North is fascinating as it is the map of most of the stories from Revelation Space Weather is the best of the bunch.Great Wall of Mars 2000 4.5 starGreat stuff Fast pacing, good characters, short but wonderful early days of Revelation SpaceGlacial 2001 4.5 starWonderful continuation of Clavain and Galiana, this time on an ice world, with a murder mystery Truly great stuff.A Spy in Europa 1997 3.5 starA short but interesting spy story, with a nice twi [...]

    8. I just finished Galactic North the other day, and am now looking forward to reading The Prefect It s nice to be once again reminded why I enjoyed reading his Revelation Space series A few of the stories in here I d read before was The Great Wall of Mars in Interzone but I still enjoyed them second time around The story Galactic North seemed a bit disjointed, but I still enjoyed the big space and huge breadths of time All of it huge Gothic spaceships, weapons like dangerous beasts lurching in cat [...]

    9. Great Wall of Mars provides background for Nevil Clavain, his dealings with Galiana, Felka and the Conjoiners and how he became one himself as well as some early Revelation Space universe history A great story about war, diplomacy and betrayal 5 stars Glacial also features Clavain and partly deals with his attempts to adjust to being a Conjoiner But it s first and foremost a Whodunit mystery and a pretty good one at that The icy atmosphere of a planet approaching an ice age adds to the bleak an [...]

    10. There s just nobody like Alastair I ve had this on my shelf for a while, and I was worried that I might have forgotten crucial finer details from the Revelation Space trilogy and Chasm City in the post interim, but I just trusted the process and got immersed in the Ultras and Conjoiners and Demarchists and my mind boggled all over again at the possibilities of the far future s centuries long traveling and free exchange of identities across flesh, machinery, plagues and space The afterword with r [...]

    11. Reynolds writes short stories as naturally as he does long and engaging space opera And especially because all these stories fit in the Revelation Space universe, they add a lot of depth to the stories that we know and love Each story in this series adds something to a thread that was left dangling during the main sequence of books.

    12. 7.5 10In his career as a science fiction author, Alastair Reynolds has written many great stories and adventures from novels, to novellas and short stories and managing through all these to create also and one of the best universes in the field But, with the completion of the novels of the Revelation Space universe, it left behind a desire for something .Galactic North comes to change that, collecting eight stories in this beloved universe eight adventures that takes us deep into known and unkno [...]

    13. Reviewed by Stuart who says Reynolds excels at shorter lengths Read Stuart s review fantasyliterature revi

    14. Relativity squeezed stars until they bled colour Terrific collection of most of the short fiction set in the Revelation Space universe There isn t a sub 3 5 story in the bunch, with most being 4 5 or 5 5 They range from introspective character studies to science fiction horror Standouts are Glacial, The Great Wall of Mars, Weather, and Nightingale.

    15. Galactic North is an excellent set of short stories set in the Revelation Space universe I read this after reading Revelation Space because I wanted to read the short stories featuring Galliana and Nevil Clavain, since they are characters in Redemption Ark sequel to Revelation Space.The Revelation Space universe is a stark and somber one Space travel is long and it s filled with mysteries There s often elements of horror to what characters in stories discover Reynolds supports his universe with [...]

    16. This was an excellent collection of short stories tying together a bunch of disparate strands in a universe that I have become extremely invested in by now If you are reading the revelation space books in publication order, this is really one to look forward to, but not one to slip in before its time.Short reviews of the individual stories Great Wall of MarsThis is one of the emotionally engaging short stories I have ever read Not only do we get to know Clavain much intimately than before, but [...]

    17. Dilation Sleep is a bit of a clunker in the otherwise shinning short story collection which nicely adds and expands on the Revelation Space universe.

    18. Galactic North is a collection of eight novellas and short stories from British science fiction author Alastair Reynolds All are set in his Revelation Space series which to date includes the novels Chasm City, Absolution Gap, Redemption Ark, The Prefect and Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days Think Larry Niven s Known Space updated to current scientific and technological thinking, a lot political machinations and war fronts, and that s this series in a nutshell.The stories in Galactic North cover a pe [...]

    19. Galactic North is a series of short stories all set in the author s Revelation Space universe, spanning a time period from less than two hundred years in the future, to thousands and thousands of years beyond and arranged in roughly chronological order In some SF discussion forums, when the topic of the third book of the Revelation Space trilogy, Absolution Gap, comes up, there is usually some griping about the ending I won t spoil the ending itself, but suffice to say many find it deeply unsati [...]

    20. Much better than the Dr Freud wouldn t touch this with a 10 foot pole cover might lead you to believe but then again, it would almost have to be, wouldn t it Sometimes a spaceship flying into an asteroid is just a spaceship flying into an asteroid.Anyway, Reynolds apparently works in a style called hard sci fi Stop it, please, just stop it Seriously That basically means that, because he has a Ph.D in astronomy, he feels obligated to eschew phasers and light sabers and whatever In these eight sho [...]

    21. Another uneven collection of short stories this one in Alastair Reynolds s Revelation Space universe.The first couple, Great Wall of Mars and Glacial, feature characters from his later opus Clavain, Galiana, and Felka They provide some backstory mentioned in the later books.Most of the rest of the tales, while set in the RS universe, are entirely peripheral to the later books A Spy in Europa, Dilation Sleep, Grafenwalder s Beastiary, and Nightingale I found to be uncomfortably dark Nightingale i [...]

    22. This review will be solely of the story Galactic North Which I liked a lot Galactic North is a glorious Technicolor update of Pirates of the Asteroids The ramliner Hirondelle, loaded with 20,000 colonists in reefersleep, is boarded by a band of desperados led by Capt Run Seven you can call me Seven Capt Irravel Veda has been neuromodified to feel she s the mother to her 20,000 passengers.Reynolds gives new meaning to the old wetnavy cliche a stern chase is a long chase in this gorgeously silly s [...]

    23. As previously stated, Alastair Reynolds writes some really, really, really mean short stories Also, Galactic North if it truly embodies the end of the Revelation Space saga is a whole new level of crazy If I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be Grafenwalder s Bestiary because it s just like Mr Reynolds to throw in a plot twist in the final pages of anything and everything he writes, bringing out old secrets we never knew about, given that there is no build up towards such revelations wh [...]

    24. This collection is a must for fans of Reynolds Revelation Space novels, having stories ranging along the time line of the future from 200 to 40,000 years in the future and featuring Nevil Clavain, Remontoire and Felka Greenfly, Jugglers and events consequent on Diamond Dogs also appear This probably isn t the best place to start with this imagined universe, though.Gothicism, grotesquery, horror, identity confusion, conflict and nutso characters characterise these stories Typical Reynolds, then

    25. Al Reynolds remains one of the very best far future hard SF writers in Britain today indeed in the English language This is an excellent selection of stories, ranging from the birth of the Conjoiners through an insight into how their mysterious NAFAL starship drives work, to visits to the Rust Belt around Yellowstone All are familiar settings from his longer work, but it s highly enjoyable to get some background insight.It is fairly unremittingly bleak, as is all his work, mind But maybe that s [...]

    26. Just reread Galactic North for the third time, it s the last story in the anthology, all the stories are great but the last one is one of my all time favorite stories packed with fantastical ideas alongside a great adventure through space I read this over ten years ago and then worked my way through the revelation space universe I used to order these books from the u.k since i couldn t wait for them to get released in US Highly recommended.

    27. Any collection of short fiction, by its very nature, is going to be of variable quality Fortunately in this case it varies between very good and excellent Nightingale is particularly wonderful in the awful chillingness of its conclusion My single gripe about this work, a purely subjective one, is that I felt the title story to be the weakest of the bunch.

    28. I m not a fan of short stories, but this collection proves two points a Alastair Reynolds knows what he s doing and boy can he write them, and b I enjoyed them perhaps than the original Revelation Space series Great collection

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