Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed Diagnosis By Gwen Hunter, When Dr Rhea Lynch takes a position in the ER of a small South Carolina hospital, she is stunned to discover that several residents, including her best friend, are falling prey to strange and unexplainable symptoms, and Rhea must race against time to find the truth before it is too late Original.. Delayed Diagnosis When Dr Rhea Lynch takes a position in the ER of a small South Carolina hospital she is stunned to discover that several residents including her best friend are falling prey to strange and unexplai

  • Title: Delayed Diagnosis
  • Author: Gwen Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781551668031
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was an impulse buy I needed to fill up my Kindle for a cross country flight and stumbled across this in the under 3 mystery section at.Delayed diagnosis gives the impression that is was written by an author just getting her feet under her The characters are all clich s, but the plot pulls you along Typos and printing errors jar the reader out of the story leading me to think this book could have been saved by good editor However, Gwen Hunter is not a first time writer, but someone who has w [...]

    2. This author was so insulting to the reader it was almost humorous Half the book was the main character a Doctor who described every medical action she was doing and then breaking it down for the reader She even explained that a CT scan was a CAT scan Really Typical mystery story though with suspicion throughout and surprises at the end.

    3. Warning Major book addiction ahead This is the first in a fantastic medical mystery series Its unconventional characters, small town setting, and fast paced plot make it an engagingly edgy book You ll find yourself needing to read the next book, so buy the first two together if you can.

    4. I read this a few weeks ago as I was able to get a copy via my kindle Unfortunate that the Dr Rhea Lynch books are hard to source as they are OOP OTOH, I was able to score the remainder of the books in the series in very good condition via They arrived yesterday Just wish I could have bought them new so I could support the author and let the publisher know there is still demand for them One of the things that I really like in any book is when it s set in areas that I am familiar with and remain [...]

    5. Was a recommended book at the end of Sinners and Saints Because of my close ties with the local rural hospital, this one is interesting.From Dr Rhea Lynch left a suffocating life in Charleston to practice medicine in the ER of a small South Carolina Hospital Now, Dawkins County is her home, a place that holds the only real family she s ever known But when she returns from vacation, Rhea is shocked to discover that her best friend, Marisa, is near death and unable to communicate The official diag [...]

    6. Gwen Hunter s Rhea Lynch, MD series is terrific I ve read all four books several times in paperback, and I m thrilled they re finally coming out on Kindle Her characters are complex and very human, the mysteries intriguing and the action pulse pounding I love these books and only wish Ms Hunter would write And that her publisher would hurry up and get the rest of the series on Kindle, too

    7. Interesting departure from the authors that I normally read Tiresome description of some basic medical tests almost like she wanted to get to a certain number of words.If I come across of her books, I will read them.

    8. Wonderful, I just love Ms Hunter s writing It grabs you right away and doesn t let you go until the very last page I hope she keeps writing for many years to come.

    9. Pretty good To come back from vacation and find that your best friend is near death would dishearten anyone, including me But when Rhea checks on her, things don t add up between the paperwork at the hospital and what she sees I can t blame her for going the extra mile to find out what happened to her best friend.Lots of suspense keeps you turning the pages well after you should be in bed sleeping One thing leads to another, and while each thing only strengthens what Rhea believes is going on, t [...]

    10. Read by Carol Hendrickson, Delayed Diagnosis is just over ten hours of listening This is Book 1 in the Rhea Lynch, MD series of mysteries Rhea Lynch returns from a vacation to chaos Her best friend is near catatonic, cannot speak, diagnosed with having had a stroke More people show up in the ER with similar symptoms But it is not a stroke, rather a devious, diabolic attempt to silence individuals who know the truth Evil beyond description Who done it Rhea Lynch digs Take a ride with Delayed Diag [...]

    11. This is book one in the Rhea Lynch MD series Dr Lynch moved from Charleston to practice medicine in the ER of a small South Carolina hospital in Dawkin County.Dr Lynch returns from vacation to find her best friend near death form a stroke Her family blocks Lynch from visiting her Then a man is brought into the ER with similar symptoms, then another and another A powerful conspiracy affects the entire community Lynch discovers it is not a stroke but whatever it is, it was caused on purpose.The pa [...]

    12. This is the first Gwen Hunter book I have read and it will definitely not be the last I started it late yesterday and could not put it down Actually fell asleep with the lights on reading it I loved the main character and the writing They just seemed to flow for me The author used a lot of medical jargon which I enjoyed This book reminded me of reading Robin Cook s books, which I love I would highly recommend this book My mom was visiting and I just received it from Harlequin in the mail read 30 [...]

    13. This is the first of Gwen Hunter s books I have read and although I found it very enjoyable as a light read, I did expect by way of less predictability and fleshing out of characters.I don t like being able to guess the who done it part of a book, but in this instance it was a little too easy Having said that, if you want a fast paced, easy read that s light and fairly simplistic, I m quite sure you would enjoy this book For it s genre, in my opinion it s a romance novel than a medical myster [...]

    14. This medical thriller kept me on the edge of my seat and turning the pages I read it as a Kindle ebook, and the editing let some typos through Still, I wouldn t let that stop you if you like medical thrillers The heroine, Dr Rhea Lynch, is a no nonsense gal, and I gained a new appreciation of how hospital emergency rooms operate I wish the author, Gwen Hunter, would continue this series into the future

    15. Hmmmting book I don t think this author has any kind of medical background And I also don t think she has an editor Some of the writing was just horrible I had to re read sentences a few times to even understand what she was trying to say Also, if you are a woman and someone is trying to kill you, don t try to be independent and be alone or go running alone She was asking for it.

    16. This had plot twists,and it made it most enjoyable.This story is centered around an ER doctor,who has started to put together symtoms from several people.And figures out they are all related in one way or another.It was a very interesting plot and storyline.First time reading this author,Gwen Hunter,and I ll be reading from her.

    17. Delayed Diagnosis ratingExcellent read Surprised by the ending Would definitely recommend this book to everyone Medical portions of the book accurate which make it fun for a registered nurse to enjoy.

    18. Well written medically accurate exciting novelGuen Hunter does her homework for this medical thriller The story takes you on a thrilling ride while giving the reader an education in emergency medicine I look forward to reading the next in this series.

    19. This was a great book I wasn t sure whether I would like it at first, but it has just the right amount of mystery and action It is very rare that I don t figure out who dun it early on in any book I am reading, but this book had me going until the very end Loved it

    20. Holy heck Absolutely loved this book I am a HUGE Cornwell and Reichs fan, so finding another medical thriller author has been difficult But this book nailed it Loved the story line, characters, and suspense Looks like I found myself a new series to follow

    21. I absolutely fell in love with Dr Rhea Rhea Usually, I can figure out who did the crime but this one had a really surprise that I did not even consider I want to read of the Dr Rhea Lynch novels I highly recommend Gwen Faith Hunter novels You will not be disappointed.

    22. A good series, not new, but new to me Medical, mystery, a little romance, kind of grisly, set in the Carolinas, and from an author also known as Faith Hunter of the Jane Yellowrock series.

    23. Great, very suspenseful medical thriller I loved the setting and the main character.b I will read of this author.

    24. Good BookMost of the time it moved slowly, until about three fourths of the way through It then picks up the rest of the book Story was good, and I enjoyed it.

    25. Good readKeeping the ending moving from one person to another makes this book a page Turner until the very end of the book.

    26. I wish I had read this one on vacation I could not put it down Dishes in the sink, beds unmade, blog needs attention but the book came first

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