A Deeper Dimension

A Deeper Dimension By Amanda Carpenter Thea Harrison, An independent woman, a strong willed man, and a love neither of them can deny.Diana needed no one She d survived on her own, put herself through school, and was totally self sufficient And now, at twenty six, she had a successful career in the business world And despite the fact that her new boss, Alex Mason was dynamic and attractive, she was determined to keep it strAn independent woman, a strong willed man, and a love neither of them can deny.Diana needed no one She d survived on her own, put herself through school, and was totally self sufficient And now, at twenty six, she had a successful career in the business world And despite the fact that her new boss, Alex Mason was dynamic and attractive, she was determined to keep it strictly professional between them But when unscrupulous business rivals threaten to destroy all that Alex has built, Diana finds herself falling for the hard working man she discovers behind his formal fa ade And the closer she gets to Alex, the farther she drifts from her hard fought independenceThis Retro Romance reprint was previously published in March 1984 by Harlequin Books.. A Deeper Dimension An independent woman a strong willed man and a love neither of them can deny Diana needed no one She d survived on her own put herself through school and was totally self sufficient And now at tw

  • Title: A Deeper Dimension
  • Author: Amanda Carpenter Thea Harrison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. What a delightful book, the best part was how we saw the friendship develop between the h H They are boss and employee but they have a way of bantering with each other I loved The heroine was a very alone person, having grown up in foster care and worked hard to educate herself I liked seeing how focused she was, she also had great instincts for self preservation and was quite blind to emotional cues For example the hero s caring behaviour towards her and the silence that came later were quite e [...]

    2. Very little romance The story was centered around competitive pressures in business, particularly the steel industry, and how a young MBA graduate rises to stardom within the company The story had great potential, with an evil OW, tragic accident, etc But I never felt the connection or glue between H h On top of that, the author was unaware of the steel trading restrictions such as dumping which made the conflict unrealistic Oh well sigh It s not exactly terrible I ve read worse , but it s not [...]

    3. Given that it s an old school romance written before I was born its surprisingly modern we have a heroine who s independent she s a business graduate to the point of being stand offish The hero runs a steel mill and I do love the beginning when the heroine retorts very nicely to the hero attitude when she goes to work for him Things do turn typical in the middle of the story which is something I don t like but even through the pain the H H struggle through their professional relationship.The end [...]

    4. 4 Stars Diana is a young woman whose determination and hard work has achieved professional success Having grown up abandoned in the foster care system, she s isolated herself emotionally from everyone around her She s witty and enthusiastic, and shows caring towards others, but as soon as someone tries to cross one of her boundary lines she instinctively pulls herself back Alex is a man driven to succeed and having taken over a company on the brink of bankruptcy, he built up a business that soon [...]

    5. I m a big fan of Thea Harrison so when I saw this was one of her older worlds as Amanda Carpenter, I grabbed it A story about corporate sabotage with a difficult romance thrown into the mix.The characters were utterly unlikable with over the top reactions which means I just could not get into the this story This book was ok, but not really for me I felt like I was reading about young tweens interacting.For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

    6. I picked this one up because I love Thea Harrison s Elder Races series and was curious about her early romance books A Deeper Dimension is a contemporary romance but written in 1984 when people were still using typewriters I remember that but a lot of you reading this do not It was a nice story with great characters I loved Diana, a very strong woman who had never had a family and really did not understand love I wanted to hit Alex who just did not understand why Diana reacted as she did There w [...]

    7. This has been re released by Samhain but I didn t find that edition here yet Can certainly tell this was old school but I enjoyed the interaction Brought me back to reading and loving boss underling romances Loved that she was a lot than the secretary, and had to fight against stereotypes.

    8. Yes this is an older book The heroine was born in 1957 She is an accomplished, educated executive assistant to the Hero She is an orphan and though she has achieved this all on her own, she carries emotional issues from her childhood I liked how the couple shared the same sense of humor and laughed a lot with each other.

    9. I apologize if any spoilers I think the time frame caught me off guarde cover doesn t show it as a 70 s 80 s book and really, the only thing that would give away the time frame is the blouse with the big bow and the fact she said she was born in 57.My beef with this book is how unnatural the dialogue was Alex s banter was very unnatural and the whole Golly Gee kid speak was silly.The people who caused trouble in the book didn t really cause ENOUGH trouble to get the heart pumping I liked the fac [...]

    10. This was a great story about a woman who had an awful childhood, abandoned on a door step as an infant and passed from family to family until she finally graduated from college and made her way in life to a great job and a happy life Or so she thought Then she gets to know her boss a little better and falls in love, but she doesn t know she is in love and doesn t understand her feelings because love has never been a part of her life It takes a terrible thing happening before she will admit to he [...]

    11. Can t say this book is for me, but it was free republished by Samhain DSo glad to see how much Thea Harrison s writing has improved since this book was released I had such trouble with the POV s There seemed to be a bit of head hopping going on and I was often confused as to who was thinking what Sometimes the Heroine seemed to be thinking things for the Hero Their working relationship had me on edge, possibly because it screamed sexual harassment in quite a few circumstances, however, things we [...]

    12. Amanda Carpenter is actually Thea Harrison who I enjoy quite a bit So when I saw this on Book Bub I grabbed it up I must say that her writing style has vastly improved from then to today If I had not read Harrison s other books, I don t think I would read any of her This was just such a bad peice of writing with horrible characters I understand that the little romance novels all follow a similar line but it was.just not well done Two stars because I like Harrison but the overall story is like [...]

    13. I enjoy Thea Harrison s Elder Gods series so much, this is the second time I ve tried her older romances I made it through this time, but by the skin of my teeth There are flashes of Harrison s appealing characters, but they re buried under such an old school romance formula I found myself gritting my teeth For a fan of dated office dynamics, gender politics, and silly conflict, this book will take you down memory lane with the added benefit of Harrison s wonderful writing For those, like me, wh [...]

    14. When Diana goes to work for Alex Mason, she finds herself strongly drawn to him Having grown up in foster homes, however, she is unwilling to let herself become emotionally dependent on anyone It takes a tragic accident to make her reconsider her values.Alex and Diana have a great relationship until it goes bad and then it is really awful It takes a horrid event before the two of them have a real chance to get back to their best selves.

    15. Standard Romance butGood, solid writing The plot is like all the rest but as I said it is well written Diane is a little frustrating in that she is really clueless and dense when it comes to emotions I wanted to shake some sense into her Alex is trying so hard to get her but well I don t believe there is a man quite that patient, but it pays off.

    16. I give it 3.5 stars I liked the book, but I believe that the romance developed too quickly between Alex and Diana Some of the scenes were really great, but others took on a slightly unrealistic quality because of the lack of adequate development between Alex and Diana.

    17. A story that stands the test of time I remember reading this in the 80 s when it first came out and I still felt it was a good read It would have been nice to have updated the technology for modern day readers though.

    18. Overall I enjoyed A Deeper Dimension There were definite aspects aging the story to the late 20th century The characterization was good but the ending seemed rushed and a bit confusing I would recommend this to anyone.

    19. I wanted romance and did not get it I liked the characters I just never truly found the deeper dimension Sort of Sad because I wanted to like it but it just fell short for me.

    20. The first half of the book was boring Just a lot of talk about the steel industri and conspiracy theories But I stuck to it, and at the halfway point the book finely bacame a romance

    21. Abandoned page 8 due to sexist dialogue on both sides, he is codescending and she is playing along, yuck why publish this again in 2013, its Penny Jordan all over again

    22. This was a slow read but I grew to like the characters, even the stubborn Diana, Miss Independent with capital I.

    23. Not sure I even like it I read it to finish it The story was all over the place You can t tell even how these two characters fell in love.

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