Abela: The Girl Who Saw Lions

Abela: The Girl Who Saw Lions By Berlie Doherty, Be strong, my Abela These are the last words of Abela s mother in their HIV Aids stricken African village, where it seems that to live or to die, to be sick or to be healthy, is just a matter of chance It takes all Abela s strength to survive her Uncle Thomas s scheming to get to Europe, but what will be her fate as an illegal immigrant I don t want a sister or brother Be strong, my Abela These are the last words of Abela s mother in their HIV Aids stricken African village, where it seems that to live or to die, to be sick or to be healthy, is just a matter of chance It takes all Abela s strength to survive her Uncle Thomas s scheming to get to Europe, but what will be her fate as an illegal immigrant I don t want a sister or brother, thinks Rosa in England, when her mother tells her that she wants to adopt a child Could these two girls ever become sisters Is there room in Rosa s family for an African orphan haunted by lions Is there room in their hearts Abela is a powerful and moving story influenced by a visit to Africa, from the Carnegie Medal winning author Berlie Doherty writing at her very best.. Abela The Girl Who Saw Lions Be strong my Abela These are the last words of Abela s mother in their HIV Aids stricken African village where it seems that to live or to die to be sick or to be healthy is just a matter of chanc

  • Title: Abela: The Girl Who Saw Lions
  • Author: Berlie Doherty
  • ISBN: 9781849399579
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Abela is just 9 years old and she has already lost her father, mother and baby sister to the AIDS epidemic that is sweeping through her village in Tanzania With her uncle scheming to get back to England she soon finds herself living in a strange country with a virtual stranger and her life will never be the same again At 13 Rosa is the only child of a single mother living in Sheffield When her mother announces that she wants to adopt a child from Africa she is horrified why would her mother want [...]

    2. I loved this book Everything about it The plot, the characters, the format, the language, I loved every bit of it and I couldn t put it down This book follows the lives of Abela and Rose Abela is a 9 year old African girl who lives in poverty in Tanzania She has lost her mother, father and younger sister due to the epidemic of AIDS in her country Her uncle comes and takes her away from her grandmother and sends her to England because he believes she will have a better life there Her life is chan [...]

    3. I wasn t sure how I felt about this book at first I thought it offered quite a reductive portrait of Tanzania, but further into the book it expanded this and showed the author really loved the country My one real criticism is that Rosa is supposed to be thirteen, yet she has the emotional maturity of an eight year old It was a little bit jarring, as were the constant changes in narrator mid chapter I did get sucked into it at the end though, and really grew to love Abela I would recommend this b [...]

    4. The alternating stories of the two girls are both captivating and full of vivid and raw emotions The author has a way of hiding details and revealing them in a surprising and effective manner such as the ethnic background of Rosa My only slight concern is how the book ends with ROSA s side of the tale and not ABELA s the book is entitled The Girl Who Saw Lions, and its original British title even starts with ABELA s name as ABELA THE GIRL WHO SAW LIONS I really wished that the tale concludes wit [...]

    5. This book is powerful It covers adoption, female circumcision, child slavery, AIDS, death, and the foster care system, all in a child friendly format Seriously, this book had me in tears several times as I was reading it to my kids, because the amount of bad things that happened to this girl just kept piling up, but she is an amazing character It was not upsetting to my kids at all, and provides a good opportunity to discuss things with them.

    6. I received this book in a Toppsta giveaway This does not affect my review.I thoroughly enjoyed this book Abela and Rosa s separate tales are intertwined in alternate chapters which don t follow the path you think they ll take from the set up in the first chapter This is a brilliant writing decision as it keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering if both girls will be ok and if they ll ever get to meet As an adult I loved how Abela s new school is described I like to think our own school would [...]

    7. This is a great story What I really liked from the start how the story is constructed, showing the two perspectives of the girls in the book Abela and Rosa s contrasting stories are throughout this book written perfectly, and how the writer threads similar themes through each girl s story for example, the starting chapter s references to shadows really show just how the characters tie but contrast This book quickly does become a page turner as the story begins to grow, particularly Abela s story [...]

    8. This come with great reviews and it was a very powerful read It explores the life stories of two girls in very different circumstances Rosie, has pretty much everything, a loving mum and grandparents who want to give back and adopt Abela has nothing tragically orphaned and illegally in the UK, we get a detailed insight into the desperation of her situation The book tracks their parallel lives up until the point that they come together This is very well done, but my sticking point is that I then [...]

    9. I couldn t stop readingI am a teacher who needed a book set in Africa this one takes place in Tanzania and England The language is not difficult and the story has good pacing The author switches points of view between 1st and 3rd person which I found distracting at first Still, after finishing the book, I wouldn t change a thing I hope my students will like it as much as I did

    10. When I first saw this book in my local book shop whilst browsing the shelves, I didn t buy it at the time but the blurb and the striking front cover made it stick in my mind and I grabbed it straight away when I saw it some time later in the school library I think that the reason why it appealed to me was that although set in modern times, it wasn t about a lot of the issues that children teens read about today e.g divorce so I wanted to see what is was like.This story about two young girls 10 y [...]

    11. For many years I worked in the UK as a social worker working with unaccompanied minors similar to Abela I just stumbled across this book as it was an MP3 player format at my local library and just grab anything in this format I ve not read as I ve read most what a great find This is a very accurate book about the UK process faced by unaccompanied minors It is a sympathetic and wholly fair characterization of children, teachers, friends, foster parents, family members and others but in particular [...]

    12. Much to thirteen year old Rosa s horror, her mother is trying to adopt a Tanzanian child to live with them in England Meanwhile, in Tanzania, nine year old Abela is watching her family die of AIDS among the many other horrors that frame her life Abela s uncle sends her to England illegally, in hopes of selling her, where a long and painful set of circumstances finally bring the two parties together The story is told alternately from the point of view of both girls and unfolds beautifully This is [...]

    13. First, I liked the format of this book It alternated between Abela s life story, a Tanzanian orphan who finds herself forcibly taken to England, and Rosa s story, a privileged daughter of a single mother in London Within each chapter the perspective changes from the girl telling her own story to having a narrator tell it While this could be confusing, the author manages to make it flow very well I also liked the detail with which the story was told Each character has clear thoughts and feelings, [...]

    14. This novel tells the story of two girls with very different lives Abela lives in Tanzania on the continent of Africa, and is dealing with the death of her mother and baby sister from AIDS Abela s uncle has recently been kicked out of London for being there illegally, and he comes up with a plan to return that involves Abela possibly being sold as a domestic servant return return Rosa lives in a suburb of London with her mother, who is considering adopting another child The thought of sharing her [...]

    15. TW Death, disease, female genital mutilation, sex trafficking This novel follows two storylines that of Abela, a young girl living in Tanzania who was recently orphaned when her mother died of AIDs and that of Rosa, an English girl who is upset to learn that her mother is thinking of adopting a Tanzanian Eventually, Abela s uncle sells her into adoption in England, where she is given to Rosa and her mother Although this book involves quite heavy topics, such as female genital mutilation, the dif [...]

    16. Abela tells the story of an African girl who loses her whole family to AIDS and is sent to England by her Uncle who tries to claim Abela as his own to obtain a UK passport When his entry is denied and his English wife is put in jail, Abela is put into care and awaits adoption The other perspective in this story is Rosa, a mixed race African teenager brought up in England who has to deal with a potential new brother or sister as her Mum decides to adopt Their stories come together at the end in t [...]

    17. Alternating voices tell the stories of 2 families After Tanzanian Abela s mother, father and sister die of AIDS, her uncle sends her to England to be sold Meanwhile in England Rosa gets used to her mom s idea of adopting a Tanzanian child The end is predictable but the vivid and horrific portrayal of Abela s experiences and her enduring spirit along with the depiction of Rosa s growth as she comes to understand her mother s desire to adopt a child make this a worth while read.

    18. It made me grin, it made me cry, it made me want to scream, it made me imagine the horror of having everyone you love die be threatened be stranded in a country that you didn t understand And when I shut the book, I wanted The feeling you only get when you read a book that changes something about you Read this book.

    19. Een prachtig geschreven verhaal over twee meisjes met elk hun eigen dromen, hoop en verlangens Abela, die vecht om te overleven, die ondanks alles toch nog gelukkig wil zijn En Rosa, die niet goed weet wat ze wil, wat ze kan verwachten als ze haar handen reikt Mooi geschreven, graag gelezen, eentje dat blijft nazinderen.

    20. Parallel stories tell of Abela, a nine year old Tanzanian girl whose mother has died of AIDS, and Rosa, a thirteen year old English girl who can t understand why her mother wants to adopt a Tanzanian child After terrible trauma for Abela and some emotional adjustment by Rosa, their lives come together in a satisfying ending.

    21. The second children s book that I read and it wasn t as good as the first one, so I find it quite difficult to say whether it was good or not I was bored by the story but maybe I child won t be At least it was an easy read once I put my mind to finishing it.

    22. This book dealt with a lot of issues that are usually not in children s books It had adoption, HIV AIDS, abuse, child trafficking, and death in it It would be a good read aloud book, but only for the older grades.

    23. i loved this book the switching between characters was very cleverly done and I loved how the girls loved each other at the end i couldn t get enough of Abela she was so cute i would have liked a bit at the end where they were sisters about their loves together.

    24. if you wanna understand MY family, this book goes very far in exposing the hues and shades of our adopted, multi racial girl gang this isn t our exact story, of course, but there s lots of similarities i m making a new tag must buy, for this one.

    25. Though found in the JF section of the library, I found this to be a compelling story about two Tanzanian girl, one caring for her mother who is dying of AIDS in Tanzania, and one who is growing up as an adopted child in England A quick read, but well worth it.

    26. Two parallel narratives of a girl growing up in England and another in Tanzania The story is sad, and adults reading it will immediately want to adopt a foreign child Ultimately the stories converge and the read is very satisfying.

    27. Solid kid book at least 6th grade or up 2 girls stories one in England, one in Tanzania How their worlds come together Touches on female genital mutilation, foster care, multi racial families Overall just a really good read.

    28. Om eerlijk te zijn had ik een aantal keer wat tranen in de ogen staan Mooi geschreven, zo uit het perspectief van de kinderen.

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