Wolf Quest

Wolf Quest By Bianca D'Arc, Love and magic lie at the heart of this storm as well as a whole lot of danger Brotherhood of Blood, Book 7When Major Jesse Moore, brother to the Wyoming Pack Alpha, is sent to Iowa to check on his sister in law s cousin, knocking politely isn t an option Sounds of a struggle send him storming into her kitchen where he finds anything but a damsel in distress The tiny huLove and magic lie at the heart of this storm as well as a whole lot of danger Brotherhood of Blood, Book 7When Major Jesse Moore, brother to the Wyoming Pack Alpha, is sent to Iowa to check on his sister in law s cousin, knocking politely isn t an option Sounds of a struggle send him storming into her kitchen where he finds anything but a damsel in distress The tiny human woman knows how to handle herself in a fight, and all Jesse s senses shout she s his mate Exotic animal vet, Maria Garibaldi has never trusted the magic her aunt and grandmother claim is her birthright She s always known about the Others, but she had no idea she was also part of their world When Maria sets out with Jesse to find the parents of a young grizzly shifter she found and treated, she learns the meaning of temptation in the form of the ex Special Forces soldier As passion flares, the trail leads them toward the eye of a massive storm where an unspeakable evil awaits the right moment to destroy the good in the magical world Warning Things get explicit when a werewolf wants his mate and he doesn t care where they are Outdoors, indoors, wherever and whenever never get between a wolf and his woman.. Wolf Quest Love and magic lie at the heart of this storm as well as a whole lot of danger Brotherhood of Blood Book When Major Jesse Moore brother to the Wyoming Pack Alpha is sent to Iowa to check on his si

  • Title: Wolf Quest
  • Author: Bianca D'Arc
  • ISBN: 9781619220874
  • Page: 111
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I have been looking forward to reading Jesse s story for some time now and it finally managed to work it s way to the top of the never ending pile I have pretty much enjoyed all the series so far and the previous book Wolf Hills was pretty good so had fairly high expectations I am really pleased to say that Ms D Arc didn t disappoint and this is an very good addition to the series.I thought the character of Jesse was extremely well written and the way Ms D Arc got around the situation of having [...]

    2. Wolf Quest Brotherhood of Blood Bianca D ArcI waited a long while for this book to be released, and believe me it was so worth it If you are following Bianca s Brotherhood of Blood series then you already know the variety of characters she has in these stories All with their own dark sides or troubles and all coming together to fight and put an end to the Venifucus An evil faction hell bent on bringing back Elspeth, Destroyer of Worlds Also referred to Destroyer of Innocence.Major Jesse Moore th [...]

    3. Wolf Quest was another sexy, action packed installment in the Brotherhood of Blood Jesse was a strong and swoon worthy alpha male and Maria was an excellent balance to him with her core of steal and practical magic I love how the worked together Jesse didn t coddle Maria but valued her for the magic she possessed and allowed her to use it I dare say that SHE was the one who saved the day my kind of girl I appreciate how D Arc has neatly woven together a complex series full of unexpected twists a [...]

    4. I was lucky enough to have received an ARC for this book through Fresh Fiction and loved it As always author Bianca D Arc writes a book we want to not just read, we want to savor then when we are done, we want to do it all over again Jesse and Maria are perfect for each other especially with her not knowing anything about her heredity I like how he has the patience and the strength to stand back and let her learn who she really is A few people I know some readers complain about alpha men or shif [...]

    5. Sometimes, I try to think of something that would bring a story down from 5 stars to something less Most of the time, I find what s obvious, since I don t give out loads of 5 star ratings To me that s a darned near perfect book And since I buy all of my books, I really hate those 1 and 2 star books This one is darned near perfect Not a load of repetitive, romantic angst like you get with less polished authors Lots of good action without bringing in the individual personality of a slimy villain, [...]

    6. I have to say this is my favorite I love that Maria could help heal this strong honorable soldier s battle scarred soul Jesse does so much for his pack and humans alike without any thought to himself, while she does the same for the wild animals in her care She doesn t see herself as anything special even though she follows him headlong into danger to save complete strangers Luckily she ll have Jesse to show her how amazing she is every day for the rest of their lives I hope some of his pack of [...]

    7. loved learning about jesse and seeing jason and sally back also introduced to a new vamp who I really want to learn about lolcant wait for the next book to the brotherhood lords series fantastic as always

    8. Another hit.Started from the beginning with the first book in the brotherhood of blood and read all the way to Wolf Quest and the stories have gotten better with each book Next step is reading all of the Tales of Were and Redstone Clan books.

    9. I loved this book I always buy books by this author This was a fast paced hot read That does not disappoint with the hot adventure action or the red hot action between an alpha werewolf and his mate.

    10. Another amazing story This story features Jesse Moore, a figure that has been mentioned heavily in other books that have battles with the mysterious and deadly venifucus It was nice to finally meet him and also continue where wolf hills left off Another great read I can t wait to see which realative of sally we meet next.

    11. Shifters, immortals, and magic battlesIf you enjoy adventure, romance, magic, shifters, and others then this is a book worth reading The author does an excellent job integrating all of these things into a happy ending for this set of hero s and setting the stage for the next battle to come.

    12. 4 Wolf Stars Wolf Quest is book seven in the Brotherhood of Blood series It is an insta love romance I enjoyed Wolf Hills and was looking foreword to the next book in this series Ms D Arc brought us into the quest to protect the Light and help save the world Wolf Quest is fast paced, lots of action and sex.Jesse is clearly an Alpha I found it interesting how Ms D Arc got around having two Alphas within a Pack He is very very HOT with a dark troubled past Maria is an interesting character and I [...]

    13. Older brother to the alpha of a wolf pack, the pack could have been his but he chose to step aside This soldier has no idea what he is setting himself up for when he goes to rescue the long lost cousin of his brothers new wife While this is the seventh book in the series it is the first that I have read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Even without a frame of reference there was enough background information given throughout the book so I did not feel lost as it progressed The characters were dynami [...]

    14. Wolf Hills and Wolf Quest are the best of the Brotherhood of Blood series, IMHO If you have been reading Brotherhood of Blood but have not yet read D Arc s Tales of the Were series, I highly recommend that you do, beginning with Lords of the Were The two series are closely related Ughw begins the wait for the next book to be released

    15. Solo tengo por decir que esta serie me tiene pegada del techo, de vampiros hemos llegado a los lobos, y presiento que en alg n punto esta serie en alg n punto converge con la serie paralela de los cambiaforma la de los mininos veo en el futuro mas dr adas, mas venefitucs, mas luchas el poder de la Se ora y el evitar que venga la destructora Me encanto ya quiero el siguiente y aun no se me olvida que nos falta la historia de uno de los pumas

    16. I really enjoyed this story it s filled with intrigued and hot sex I love that Maria wasn t a typical damsel in distress She knew how to kick ass She indeed a man to take care of of herself I like to see that in my heroines I loved Jesse s character in this book, he is good and and honorable male He is also a very alpha male I love that instant connection and chemistry I will put the story on my to be read again shelves.

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed this world and the magic within it The characters are well developed and even though I ve started in the middle of the series, I feel at home in it I will definitely be reading books in this series

    18. I m never disappointment with a Bianca D Arc book and Wolf Quest was everything that I would expect.Action, danger, a Hot shifter and a sexual connection the is off the charts Bianca s books are NEVER boring

    19. De los hermanos cambia formas lobos Moore, Jason ser el Alfa pero Jesse ser mi favoritoli la pena seguir leyendo la serie, porque me encant conocer a el vampiro Sebastian y al cambiarma puma Matt Redstone necesito su libro ya en el 4to libro y los hermanos cambia formas lobos Moore.

    20. Another great storyI always enjoy Bianca s stories But I especially like coming across old friends like Rocky and discovering the connections between the characters Thanks

    21. good plot good characters Re read march, 2017 Such a wonderful series Magic, intrigue, danger, ancient evil fought by valiant people.

    22. Another crackalicious Bianca D Arc series I enjoyed it very much and now I want to read the rest of the series, of course

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