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  1. I have to agree with some of the other reviewers The book has an interesting premise a relatively average Joe seeks revenge on a group of people responsible for his father s suicide the book s formal description is very screwy This was Leather s first book and he notes that, much like some of Deighton s books, the narrator is never named His access to the nether world is somewhat satisfactorily explained and there is the stereotypical love for the beautiful and tender call girl There is the requ [...]

  2. While I did enjoy Stephen Leather s very English noir style, I think the whole time building up to the climax was drowned out by the very quick out come at the end He spend a lot of effort planning and getting all the details right for revenge when it all started to fall into place it was all over This is my second Leather book and I did enjoy his style and it hasn t put me off reading of his book, I just won t be recommending this book as a starting point for this author.

  3. At only 240 pages this is and extremely well written short read It soon gets you so involved that you cannot put the book down.An excellent blend of well developed characters mingled with a wonderful plot.

  4. Great plot Thoroughly enjoyed reading about finance and about how the City works I liked it s size not too long like most books today.

  5. Leathers Pay Off is distinctly noir while not necessarily subscribing to a particular sub genre the core elements are ever present The unnamed protagonist, a Scottish financer, sets off a chain of events which, unbeknownst to him, will leave him bathed in blood over glory Pay Off consists of a tightly woven plot where the reader isn t initially introduced to the reasoning behind the need for revenge, rather, the recruitment of key players who take part in the action I enjoyed all aspects of Pay [...]

  6. I m not sure if this is Leather s first ever book, but it s definitely an old one, and that s not a bad thing at all I really enjoyed this and don t feel that the 2nd part was really too rushed like some other reviewers I m not sure if this was really noir and there were even a few parts which had me chuckling Good characterisation and a a decent story made this an enjoyable read listen As always, Thornley was exceptionally good as the narrator.

  7. Sardonic, terse prose keeps the action moving The Author knows how to keep interest from flagging.The plot line is believable though it does stretch at times He deals with revenge and its aftermath and a bunch of characters with flawed personalities, including the hero.

  8. Not surprised this is a first novel reasonable plot but not the best execution and the high class prostitute with a heart of gold stretches credibility

  9. Promising setup and beginning, but part 2 of the book just felt like a rush job written by someone else A waste, sadly A very straightforward revenge gone awry plot.

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