No Time To Wave Goodbye

No Time To Wave Goodbye By Ben Wicks, Based on the experiences of than eight thousand evacuees, this is both an important historical record and an emotional documentary of the 1939 evacuation of British civilians to homes thought to be safe from the threat of German bombs 16 pages of photos.. No Time To Wave Goodbye Based on the experiences of than eight thousand evacuees this is both an important historical record and an emotional documentary of the evacuation of British civilians to homes thought to be sa

  • Title: No Time To Wave Goodbye
  • Author: Ben Wicks
  • ISBN: 9780773722156
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. It is a book that tells what happened to 3.5 million of British children during WWII through their own words They have been evacuated from cities to countryside leaving behind their parents, families and a whole life This was a government scheme to avoid huge numbers of causalities during the war.When I first brought this book home, I felt I have no strength to read it And for almost a week, every time I looked to its cover, I began to shed tears The way the little child on the cover putting his [...]

    2. Though not the best written and at times even hard to know the meaning of what some people had written some words in Britain are different than in the states in letters written by evacuees , this was an eye opener of what some of the thousands and thousands and thousands of children, women, and disabled went through during World War II when Britain s Prime Minister sent these people from London where the bombing took place to the safer places such as Scotland, Wales, Isle of Wight and the countr [...]

    3. REVIEW TAKEN DIRECTLY OFF OF MY BLOG A READERS DIARY No Time to Wave Goodbye is a heartbreaking story of the children that were evacuated during the WWII air raids on England Ben Wicks wanted to provide a different side of the story The author himself was part of the kinder transport system and was placed in a few foster families over the course of 3 years Wicks reached out to the other children that had buried these memories deep in their minds We get to see how the war affected the children an [...]

    4. In the years leading up to World War 2 the British government, fearful that many children living in London would be killed by bombs, planned to evacuate them to the country and get them away from the main areas of battle Hundreds of children, some as small as the age of two years, were taken from their homes and placed with complete strangers Many of the families who billeted them had no choice about whether to take them.Some were well treated, but others were not These are their stories in thei [...]

    5. I picked this one up after learning that my dad was almost evacuated, but his mum said now I wonder why Dad doesn t talk about it other than yes, bombs fell Sounds like a brutally emotional time, and it s hard to understand now how people could let their children go to strangers, sometimes not even knowing where they would go The level of fear must have been incredibled to hear what good and bad experiences kids had in their own words was a wonderful opportunity to make sense of that period in h [...]

    6. A very moving account of what the children s lives were like during the war, and how far some were sent gripping and in and in parts tear jerking The book is well researched and for those children now adults in their eighties and nineties it must of bought back some memories that for some wished they would never have to endure again It also acts as a point of reference on the effects of war on children and their psychology.

    7. As a child of a parent who grew up in England during the war although not an evacuee it was an interesting read to hear in people s own words their experiences of being evacuated I was expecting the book to be a collection of short stories but was not that as it was excerpts under specific headings of what happened I really enjoyed it even with it not being what I expected.

    8. This book took a while for me to want to read Having had grandparents who were children removed from their homes during ww2 i knew i needed to read stories like theres and others Very powerful read I cannot imagine what they went through or doing that to my own children Their parents thought they were helping them I wish for innerpeace for these children and all children of war

    9. This is a touching collection of stories from people who were Second World War child evacuees from Britain They recall their childhood experiences, both good and bad, with the families who took care of them.

    10. After having just read Mary Soames memoir about her war days, this book presents a different out look on WWII Wicks comments at the end of the book about the change in society gave me a new outlook on Churchill s defeat at the polls after the war.

    11. Very impressive I don t read non fiction books often and especially not those without a clear storyline, but this one was definitely worthwhile

    12. I found it very informative, very interesting, and even heart breaking at timesbut it is definitely not a kid s book

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