Lady Fortune

Lady Fortune By Anne Stuart, As the child bride of and elderly husband, Lady Julianna of Moncrieff learned little of men and nothing of pleasure So when the newly widowed lady finds herself thrown into the company of the mocking and elegant Nicholas Strangefellow, a maddening court jester sent by King Henry III to entertain at her mother s wedding, Julianna is than wary she is determined to keeAs the child bride of and elderly husband, Lady Julianna of Moncrieff learned little of men and nothing of pleasure So when the newly widowed lady finds herself thrown into the company of the mocking and elegant Nicholas Strangefellow, a maddening court jester sent by King Henry III to entertain at her mother s wedding, Julianna is than wary she is determined to keep her distance.But it doesn t take long for the mysterious Nicholas to weave his wickedly sensual spell around her And only when it is too late will Julianna discover what sort of man he really isa coolly calculating spy out to steal a sacred relic and her own innocent heart Yet Nicholas is in for a shock of his own For never did the king s fool imagine that he would become a fool for loveuntil the moment comes when he must choose between desire and betrayal.. Lady Fortune As the child bride of and elderly husband Lady Julianna of Moncrieff learned little of men and nothing of pleasure So when the newly widowed lady finds herself thrown into the company of the mocking

  • Title: Lady Fortune
  • Author: Anne Stuart
  • ISBN: 9780821764701
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Definitely out of the norm for any romance, but especially for an Anne Stuart novel I ve come to expect unconventional from this authore basically defines the word But a court jester The King s fool What an odd choice for a hero Quite the undertaking for an author and although I ended up liking Nicholas, he was a hard guy to get to know, and very hard to find sexy At first But his big heart just waiting to be caught by our heroine really did win me over eventually I just wish it had been earlier [...]

    2. Originally published in 2004, Lady Fortune is a thoroughly enjoyable medieval romp featuring one of those oh so charming, deliciously wicked heroes which have become Anne Stuart s authorial trademark.Nicholas Strangefellow, fool at the court of King Henry, is a man who amuses and annoys in equal measure He is quick witted and sharp tongued, possessed of a loose limbed grace, an inordinate amount of charm and golden good looks that ensure he is never without female companionship whenever he wants [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this one, provided by the publisher through netgalley It s a new edition of a book published almost 15 years ago, but I hadn t read it before, so I don t know if there have been any many updates.It has a similar feel about it to Hidden Honor, which is absolutely one of my fave romances So what did I like about it The hero and heroine are great characters, both very much of the setting He s the King s fool or Lord of Misrule He s there to entertain, say the naughty things no one [...]

    4. I don t get it This book got stellar reviews, was written by the incomparable Anne Stuart, and features a unique hero.Why did I dislike it so Here are some of my reasons 1 I felt like the story was boring A boring Chalice was the centerpiece of the plot and the story contained a host of characters that I didn t care for 2 A strange romance between a court jester and a lady that I struggled to understand and accept 3 A different kind of secondary romance between the heroine s mother and her husba [...]

    5. This was much lighter fare than what I ve come to expect from Anne Stuart Not that this was a problem, but it seems that by lightening up she lost a lot of character development and depth of plot The writing seemed utterly formulaic and therefore predictable Also annoying The word wicked appeared 38 times, but it felt like so much The phrases well and truly kissed and being loved well and often should be banned from romance novels.The villain was a crappy villain if I ever saw one He was an abb [...]

    6. This rerelease of an earlier historical romance was good, but not great like most of the others I ve read by Stuart I enjoyed reading about Nicholas and Julianna It was an interesting book Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC in return for an honest review.

    7. I loved the twisting way that this story works At times it almost seemed like a Clue type mystery So much good to say about this story and its intrigue I loved how Christine narrated Her many different voices and all the emotions to go with each and just how she infused this story with so much than just words The story was truly transformed into something so much amazing than it already was on its own I really loved how I was happy or sad or even on the edge of my seat every moment and I never [...]

    8. I can t believe I am calling an Anne Stuart book a fairy tale but that is the feeling it gave me The love between Julianna and Nicholas was sweet, enduring and moving and I NEED MOARRRR

    9. It was good Very different Although had so many loopholes that i just ignored them otherwise it was impossible to like the book Almost felt like the author wrote this in a hurry.

    10. Fast romantic read.Fast romantic read, great story I recommended this book Great author as well Love all of her books by

    11. I love Anne Stuart s early romance books Sadly, not all of them are easily accessible from the library in ebook This one was, and while I ve read it a few times before, it did not lessen the experience Stuart s books are unique in that there are always two couples that are facing difficulties in coming together While this is not my favorite of hers, it s still a good read.

    12. I really liked this book, medieval settings are my favorite, though it was hard to pinpoint exactly what year the book was set in Julianna, the heroine, I liked her She was married as a child to a man old enough to be her great grandfather and sent to live with him when she was only eleven He died after about ten years of marriage and he hadn t touched her in about five years Julianna is sent after her husband s death to go live with her mother and her future husband, Julianna has held a grudge [...]

    13. Unique Hero Classic StuartLADY FORTUNE is the story of Lady Julianna of Montcrieff who was a child bride and is a young widow Her marriage experience left her alone and desirous of entering a convent so that she never has to marry again She meets King Henry s court jester who ostensibly sent to entertain as a wedding present for Julianna s mother and new stepfather The court jester, Nicholas Strangefellow, is actually on a mission to steal a family heirloom from Julianna s stepfather and bring i [...]

    14. This story was written by one of my favorite authors Anne Stuart is totally a Drama Queen in this one I have always liked her historical romances, but this one really hits the mark We have a tall, very handsome man who is King Henry III s court jester Nicholas Strangefellow Nicholas wears mismatched clothing, shoes and those infuriating bells to make people believe he is crazy Then to make matters worse, the King wants him to entertain at a nobleman s wedding with a bit of spying on the side All [...]

    15. A delightful book audiobook and I enjoyed the twists and turns that held me fast.Lady Julianna is such an innocent even though she has been married and widowed and The Fool, Nicholas is totally enchanting A strange friendship builds between them which soon turns to love and I love it when each of them realised their true feelings for the other.This story is written in the times when the King and or the Church ruled, their words and whims being unquestioningly followed for fear of death or whippi [...]

    16. This book was different in that the hero was not a typical historical romance hero He is the the court fool for the king He hides his intelligence and strength behind a fools facade The heroine is a widow that is forced to move from her late husbands home back to her mother, who she has never forgiven for her marriage to an old man when she was very young The protaginists meet at her mother s wedding He is immediately attracted to her but has to hide it because he is on a secret mission for the [...]

    17. All I have to say is, not one of Anne Stuart s best books plot wise, but the characters are interesting I felt the end of the book was very rushed and ended conveniently It felt like Ms Stuart just gave up at the end I liked Nicholas hero a lot though He was definitely different from what Ms Stuart usually writes I honestly feel like he is the only reason this book is worth reading Julianna heroine naive and innocent to the point that it s annoying If Stuart used a bold female lead this book mi [...]

    18. 3 stars.Silly historical that made no sense, but that kept me reading through to the end I think that I might have read it once before, as it seemed familiar to me, but that must have been before I read Christopher Moore s book Fool I found the story and the hero engaging this time around, as a result of the comparison.

    19. As usual, Anne Stuart can be relied on for a quick and fun romance Young and widowed Lady Julianna is sent by the king to her also widowed mother s wedding The king is also sending Nicholas Derwent to the celebration to find a chalice that is a religious relic After years in a disastrous marriage, Julianna is terrified of men, and is frightened by everything Nicholas awakens in her.Of course Stuart provides lots of complications, diversions, and suspense, and of course Julianna and Nicholas get [...]

    20. overall i liked it very much I liked the characters mostly i thought the evil head of the abby forget his title was over the top but it worked i liked how she layered humor into the plot that dealt with stealing the goblet.

    21. ThecDifferent than mostBetween the who stole it and the Dragon lady,it keeps you turning the pages The traitor in this country is spot on,but keeps you from guessing who is the villen is.

    22. 6 10 Good light weight read, well done.A light story that managed to capture my attention from the start I can always count on Anne Stuart to deliver, even if it s with a court fool.

    23. I really enjoyed this book The characters were quite funny and easy to love This was a witty, smart, romantic and quick read.

    24. 4.5 stars Hilarious and original historical romance I loved both of the leads and even many of the supporting characters.

    25. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I must say that I really enjoyed this It was a quick, fun read I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed the read.

    26. The court jester element really intrigued me I loved Nicholas, loved his humor and how he seduces Lady Julianna Another favorite

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