Nightmare By Stephen Leather, The third book in the Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller series.What goes around, comes around Jack Nightingale learned that as a cop and discovered that it was just as true in the world of the supernatural His life changed forever on the day he failed to stop a young girl throwing herself to her death Ever since, he s been haunted by thoughts that he could have donThe third book in the Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller series.What goes around, comes around Jack Nightingale learned that as a cop and discovered that it was just as true in the world of the supernatural His life changed forever on the day he failed to stop a young girl throwing herself to her death Ever since, he s been haunted by thoughts that he could have done to save her.Now her cries for help are louder than ever Is she trapped in eternal torment Can Nightingale put things right Or are the forces of darkness torturing and deceiving him in order to gain the ultimate prize his soul Nightingale will have to face down the powers of the police, south London gangs and Hell itself to find out And evil is closer than he thinks .. Nightmare The third book in the Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller series What goes around comes around Jack Nightingale learned that as a cop and discovered that it was just as true in the world of the su

  • Title: Nightmare
  • Author: Stephen Leather
  • ISBN: 9781444700718
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This might actually be the best of the three, which is a relief The repetition that so annoyed me in the other books was still present, but significantly lessened Yes, the ending still felt like it was thrust along by deus ex machina plotting, but the resolution was somewhat satisfying, so I forgive it that Actually, I m not sure if the ending irritates me, or makes perfect sense Somehow both, maybe It sort of feels like I shouldn t have bothered with the second book and just gone from the begin [...]

    2. Jack Nightingale is single, 33 years old and haunted by memories of the death of Sophie Underwood, a nine year old girl he watched throw herself from a balcony two years before He is an ex cop who now works as a private detective but people close to him seem to have a nasty habit of either killing themselves or being killed.Superintendent Ronald Chalmers used to work with Jack and seems to want to have him in the frame for any and all crimes imaginable including the shooting of a Brixton gangste [...]

    3. I really enjoy this series Those are the perfect books for times in which you just want to read pur entertainment The books are thrilling and very funny, just great when you don t want to deal with difficult stuff

    4. A book about active Satanists What bothers, and REALLY bothers me, is if you are plagued by spells and stuff from Satanists, why do the hero turn to the dark side for answers If he believes in the dark side, he must acknowledge the light TURN TO THE LIGHT YOU BLOODY IDIOT

    5. Fantastic new book due out on 19th January, Stephen gave me the chance to read it for review At that time I hadn t read the others in the Jack Nightingale series so I can honestly say it s a great stand alone novel What a fabulous and fast read The way it s written it just flows so well I couldn t put it down Read in an afternoon and evening Not a genre I normally would have gone for but it is easy to read, cleverly written and it will draw you into the storyline to identify with the main charac [...]

    6. I love Leather s style of writing Couldn t put the book down Have read all of the three books in the series brilliant

    7. So, three books into the Jack Nightingale series, and I have to say, I like it The overall series that is The third book, Nightmare, reads about the same as the other two, which is why I only liked it instead of really liked it As a matter of fact, Nightmare can be a little frustrating as you re reading and wondering, Haven t we been here before And I won t even go into the Constantine rip off the Keanu Reeves movie Thankfully, there were some Holy Crap escapades towards the end of the book whic [...]

    8. Another cracking read in this mystery supernatural series, this one sees Jack s soul on offer again won t say I don t want to spoil it for future readers the return of Lucifuge Rofocale as Jack tries to help Sophie, the girl he fear he failed in life The characters are all credible in their role IMHO from the very nasty Marcus Fairchild, the gangsters liked Nightingale s banter with these guys to even the fake medium, all of whom help build up a great storyline Can t wait for the next episode a [...]

    9. Nicely done.I really liked this book and look forward to reading the latter entries in the series.Jack Nightingale should really quit smoking,but other than that he s everything you want in a gumshoe quick thinking smart talking and fearless but with a heart of gold under it all.

    10. This is a perfect holiday read a really nice change that has rocketed me back in time to the Stephen King and James Herbert books that I loved as a teenager These are quite addictive and a perfect holiday read.

    11. Blown awayYou know when you can guess certain plots but still shocked Well you know you ve read a remarkable book This book had it all and the intense moments where I thought I d have a heart attack really sealed it for me Phenomenal writing

    12. NightmareLiked the storyline and characters Occult detective mix written differently, have read series to this book and can say better than most available.

    13. really good but I made the mistake in reading this book first didn t know this was the last book although it was easy to still know the characters and story was good

    14. Not my normal type but the Black Magic didn t spoil the story for me, it provided a good ending so Jack could carry on.

    15. So, there I was, a while ago, wandering aimlessly round my local bookshop, bereft, having just finished the last at the time Felix Castor novel from Mike Carey I wanted something at least vaguely similar and I had no idea where to start, hence the aimless wandering Then I spotted that Stephen Leather, author of the terrific Spider Shepherd series, had a new book out This book was Nightfall Now how s that for a fortunate stroke of serendipity I got to meet Jack Nightingale and instantly broke up [...]

    16. Wow talk about head games This book, the final in a thriller trilogy with than a touch of the occult brings everything full circle with than a few surprises along the way The series begins with Nightfall, when former cop turned private investigator Jack Nightingale learns his birth father who put him up for adoption immediately after his birth apparently sold his soul to the devil The takeover, it seems, is scheduled to take place on Jack s 33rd birthday just a few weeks away.Jack s career as a [...]

    17. It s not often that the third in a trilogy turns out to be the best, but that is the case with this Jack Nightingale series The tragedy is that after reading the second book Midnight I very nearly didn t even bother with this one, as that was such a disappointment, seeming like a rush job, that added very little, if anything to the on going story However, this one is so much better, not only does the story progress, it does so rapidly, and even logically with none of the lapses, filler and repet [...]

    18. After being slightly diappointed by the second in the series, which seemed too much of a repetition of the first in the series, I really enjoyed this one, and was all ready to give it a 5 star rating, but towards the end the last few chapters in fact something made me reconsider Although this is a surreal storyline to start with, something at the end went too far in my opinion an I dropped it down to a four and a half read Still highly enjoyable, though, with a good closure to a good series off [...]

    19. A colleague at work, upon realising that I was getting through the Jack Nightingale books pretty quickly, let me have the final three to borrow all at once Obviously, when I m borrowing books from someone, I like to get through them as quickly as possible, so I set straight to work on the third in the series.When this one started I wasn t too sure about it and it took me a while to get into it I was expecting to see something of Jack s sister but there was no sign of her and instead all the focu [...]

    20. I have read the Spider books by Stephen Leather and absolutely love them When I saw this book that is the third in a series of books featuring Jack Nightingale I figured I may well like them too What I didn t account for was the supernatural element to these books which I am not particularly a fan of.Having not read the previous two books, I wondered whether this would make a difference and for the majority it didn t Having said that I think it probably would have helped knowing what the charact [...]

    21. This is the story of Jack Nightingale, a private detective haunted by events that happened two years ago when he was still a policeman As a police negotiator he was called out to try and stop a nine year old from jumping off a balcony She was being abused by her father and her mother knew but did nothing to stop it She jumped and now two years later he thinks she is trying to contact him from the beyond.This is the third Jack Nightingale story, and it follows on from the first two I think you wo [...]

    22. Damn good seriesWitchcraft, demons, selling your soul to a devil, action, blood, loads and loads of secrets, and This series gripped me like very, very few ever have Especially on audiobook I highly recommend listening to this because the performer does amazing voices and it draws you in even further Stephen Leather doesn t just write good books, his research and in depth studying have seeped into every inch, every page, every paragraph of this series.This is NOT a light read The subject matter [...]

    23. Contiunes the quirky paranormal series with twists and novel meanderings, easy to read and follow For me a light entertainment read.

    24. And here it is, like I expected magic changes the course of the story and all things change.It did not really detract from the detective narrative but there was no way out of the predicament so the powers of darkness were called upon.Jack is still, if not so, haunted by the death by suicide of little Sophie, he hears ordinary people telling him he is going to hell and plaintive cries from Sophie of help me Jack both in his waking hours and in his nightmares.He also has the added problem of a gan [...]

    25. Nightmare is best read while eating a banana choc chip muffin and whatever alcohol you can find in your liquor cupboard Luckily work has a healthy supply of banana choc chip muffins And the lack of alcohol at work means I can remember how this book ended, and thank god for that I so didn t see the ending, and I loved how it was written in little tiny chapters, which made it so suspenseful I admit I am a fan of most okay, all of Leather s works, although I was dubious about the Jack Nightingale s [...]

    26. This seemed to me the first full novel in the series that Leather had not just a firm grasp on the reins of the story as a whole, but also on the tone, pacing and delivery The first two books were well done, but I found myself sometimes wondering at character s odd steps out of their norm Also, readers are treated to a much in depth look at Satanism and the power of the spiritual in general in Leather s created world As is often stated by several characters, the spiritual powers that be are not [...]

    27. In the Third Jack Nightingale supernatural thriller, Jack is in trouble again The comatose victim of a shooting keeps saying Jack Nightingale, and the police are convinced this is a deathbed identification of the shooter It becomes serious when the man dies, and they suspect Jack is a murderer.Nightingale, however, believes that it is the voice of Sophie Underwood, the girl whom jumped from a building and killed herself on Nightingale s last case.He becomes convinced she needs help, and sets ou [...]

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