The Mummy

The Mummy By Max Allan Collins, Based on the Universal Studios major motion picture starring Brendan Fraser Rick O Connell, dashing American and legionnaire, is in Egypt looking for a good time His discovery of the Lost City of the Dead is a fluke but to British librarian Evelyn Carnarvon it s the archaeological find of the century The city contains all the treasures of Egypt and possibly the secretsBased on the Universal Studios major motion picture starring Brendan Fraser Rick O Connell, dashing American and legionnaire, is in Egypt looking for a good time His discovery of the Lost City of the Dead is a fluke but to British librarian Evelyn Carnarvon it s the archaeological find of the century The city contains all the treasures of Egypt and possibly the secrets of life and death Leading Evelyn s expedition deep into the Sahara isn t exactly easy money, though, as Rick must dodge death traps, escape the jaws of man eating beetles, and even duel a hook handed mercenary And just when he s caught his breath, a long ago evil returns from the grave with a taste for human flesh. The Mummy Based on the Universal Studios major motion picture starring Brendan Fraser Rick O Connell dashing American and legionnaire is in Egypt looking for a good time His discovery of the Lost City of the

  • Title: The Mummy
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9780425169483
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Well, well, 2017 is novelizations year for me I read the most, and I enjoyed myself The 1999 Mummy is my favorite version so far the Tom Cruise one included Brendan Fraser co have a charm to them that the reboot could not match I dare say the 1999 version is one of my favorite movies It s funny, it has adventure, romance and a bit of horror It s great And the book is just the same as the movie Rick and Evy form one of the best couples, and Jonathan completes them Reading their adventures was lik [...]

    2. Don t judge me for this one I needed a comfort read, okay My heart still has a soft spot for the movie, and my mind remembers how often child me obsessed over it.This adaptation lacks some of the charm of the original, but it s still a light, fun and exciting story.

    3. This is another book where the rating has to do with me than perhaps anything else.Spoilers if you haven t seen the movie.I have been a huge fan of the Mummy since it came out The adventure and romance always made me smile, not to mention characters larger than life with sarcastic mouths and sharp wit The ridiculousness of it all managed to make me laugh every single time I watched it.The book was about the same.Written like a western, The Mummy made me feel like I was part of the adventure Fro [...]

    4. One of those books that must be read before the movie even if you have already seen the film of the same name, this book must be the next task on your agenda , The Mummy A Novel is rich with details and captures the essence of the film with which Mummy fans fell in love It is the perfect reference for those who ve found themselves asking questions whilst watching the featured presentation.

    5. An excellent retelling of the Mummy story I enjoyed it both as a companion to the movie but also as a separate product I think I enjoyed the novelization characters and scenery even than the movie Although, the music played through my head the whole time I was reading.

    6. Il mio corpo non sar pi il suo tempio 2,75 5La trama qui su completamente sbagliata, perch questo ovviamente il libro che stato tratto dal film, e non viceversa come invece proclama la copertina, cosa che mi ha tratto in inganno.Comunque sia, La Mummia uno dei miei film preferiti di sempre.Se lo avete visto inutile che vi dica la trama.Il libro amplia leggermente la parte ambientata ai tempi di Imhotep, e ci fa capire meglio la relazione tra lui e la sua amata, e cosa gli successo come punizione [...]

    7. Rick Can you swim Evelyn Well, of course I can swim if the occasion calls for it Rick throwing her overboard Trust me It calls for it This book was fantastic just like the movie, Full of action I absolutely love the Mummy since it came out, I ve watched the film countless of times, the adventure in the book was great and funny at times and so was the romance between Eve and O Connell.This book follows the movie quite closely but with a few differences to the movie, which i didn t mind at all.

    8. 2.5 3 stars It was an okay read Very much like the film The damsel in distress aspect seemed a lot evident which I didn t like much in the film and hated in the book There isn t a massive connection to the characters especially if you haven t seen the film Go into this book without expecting much other than a cheesy, fun read.

    9. I loved the film and I loved this book There was so much detail in the description it was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

    10. I remembered that the first time I saw the movie at my friend s home I was so excited and loved it so much I ve watched it several times since then.

    11. While it s a good book and it captures all the tense scenes from the film really well, the dialogue isn t the best and in some cases is absolutely ridiculous.

    12. Gue rasa gue cukup menyukai buku ini Untuk sebuah tie in dari film, novel ini pelengkap yang cukup oke Banyak hal detail yang tertulis dalam novel mustahil bisa dimasukkan dalam film berdurasi 127 menit Latar belakang orang tua Jonathan dan Evelyn Carnahan juga diceritakan dan kenapa mereka bisa berakhir di Kairo Ternyata kutukan mumi tidak jauh2 dari trah Carnahan, orangtua mereka ternyata adalah anggota tim arkeologi yang menemukan Mumi Tunktahmen dan berakhir naas melalui proses kebetulan yan [...]

    13. As far as movie novelizations go, The Mummy by Max Allan Collins is a decent adaptation of one of the greatest adventure movies of all time That being said, I am sorry to say that it didn t quite capture the charm of the original Bear yourselves, this is gonna be a long review but it needs to be said 1 Evy s characterization was off and sexist at times.While in the movie Rick and Evelyn are arguably both protagonists and their screen time seems to be about the same, the novel is mostly concentra [...]

    14. Ho apprezzato l idea di mantenere intatta la natura stessa del film e, per di pi , ampliarla l inizio del film viene rispiegato nel romanzo con maggiore minuzia di dettagli e, anche nel corso della storia, le antiche usanze vengono riproposte in maniera molto pi approfondita.Caso vuole, per , che questo ampliamento di dettagli abbia portato l autore a dei tagli netti per quanto riguarda dialoghi che rendevano il film davvero esilarante.Posso accettare la cancellazione della scena dell ibis chi h [...]

    15. This was definitely slower than the movie but for good reason It provided a lot of information that had been edited out of the final film which was great to see.

    16. easy reading it shows that especialy i finishet it the same day i started it and it completlys the mouvie perfectly

    17. L o v e d this book I m a bit biased because the mummy is probably my most favourite film EVER but this novelisation really filled in some gaps in the movies for example, it always annoyed me that Evy lost all her clothes on the boat and yet once they come back from Hamanaptra in the movie, she s suddenly filling cases with clothes Only in the book is it revealed that Jonathan went and picked her up some .The romance between Evy and Rick is developed soooo much here every time he called her bab [...]

    18. Mummie Ho riletto da poco questa novelization del film La Mummia L avevo gi letta due volte, ma stiamo parlando di quindici anni fa Avendo visto molte volte il film, ricordavo la storia, ma non altrettanto bene i dettagli del romanzo, quindi l ho rivisto con occhi nuovi.Ricordo che all epoca avevo notato delle piccole differenze nella svolgersi degli eventi, ma adesso la mia memoria fa fatica a distinguerle Per farlo dovrei rivedere il film Erano comunque dettagli non significanti.Il modo in cui [...]

    19. I remember that I really liked the movie when I saw it and it was mainly the reason why I decided to pick up this book When I was reading it, I was remembering the scenes from the movie and gradually I became and confused about why I liked it so much.The story is interesting and there is no real reason why I shouldn t like it But there is also no particular reason why I should.I usually read several books at once three on the average Some people think I m crazy, but I realized that it helps me [...]

    20. Provided a very nice complement to the movie I absolutely loved the movie and have watched it countless times The novel since it is based on the movie, and not the other way around follows the movie quite closely with some differences here and there One of the biggest differences is the relationship between Evy and Rick Perhaps differences isn t quite the right word in this case I d first sought out the book because I wanted to see their thoughts and inner reactions to each other The movie shows [...]

    21. The book is most definitely the best compared to the movie, don t get m wrong the actors really brought the characters to life I loved the extra hidden details that we find in the book such as the way Ankh su namun s body was cursed after betraying the pharaoh with her Lover the high priest Also the book allows the reader to get to know the characters alot better than the interpretations of them in the movie, like in the movie we don t know that Beni is from Budapest Rick O connel was born in Ch [...]

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