Tinisima: Novela

Tinisima: Novela By Elena Poniatowska, Es una novela de extraordinaria belleza, una obra de imaginaci n y comprensi n el recuento interior de una vida en que el arte, la militancia y el amor se disputan el alma y el cuerpo de una mujer, relatada, a veces con ternura a veces con violencia.. Tinisima Novela Es una novela de extraordinaria belleza una obra de imaginaci n y comprensi n el recuento interior de una vida en que el arte la militancia y el amor se disputan el alma y el cuerpo de una mujer re

  • Title: Tinisima: Novela
  • Author: Elena Poniatowska
  • ISBN: 9789684113053
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Termin este libro hace dos semanas y decid no escribir mi opini n inmediatamente, con el prop sito de digerirlo y asimilarlo Es un libro estupendo, lleno, vibrante, sobre la vida y la poca de la Modotti, sobre el M xico de principios de siglo que conserva muchas similitudes con el actual y sobre el amor Es una biograf a de la fotogr fa italiana, pero tambi n una biograf a de M xico visto desde los ojos de un extranjero, si se considera que la autora, a pesar de haberse criado en M xico, era hija [...]

    2. Before reading this novel, what I knew of Tina Modotti came from a single Edward Weston photograph A beautiful woman with penetrating eyes Once I began to read TINISIMA , I became utterly captivated with the life of Tina Modotti Elena Poniatowska has a way of making the narrative read as if Tina Modotti herself were relating various happenings from her life to the reader, while the author adds her own commentaries as a supplement The I read of this novel, the I found myself curious about this [...]

    3. Mexico is like a noisy neighbor you do your best to avoid A lot of the noise is unintelligible in a different language Politicians want to build a wall to keep Mexican migrants out physically, but they might feel differently about our neighbors if language and culture were not the real barriers to that which might bridge the distance between us Understanding Mexican authoress Elena Poniatowska, for example, needs a translator Barring calls from some important New York publisher seeking to enlist [...]

    4. Una obra hermosa, muy conmovedora Retrata el M xico y mundo de la d cada de 1920 y 1930 a trav s de la vida de Tina Modotti, una mujer que vivi con pasi n en cada una de las facetas desu vida.

    5. Me encant Desde hace ya un tiempo me he interesado en Tina, encontr este libro y fue una completa aventura para mi, una mujer extraordinaria llena de claroscuros, dentro de la ficci n que pueda haber para la narraci n, me apasionan los momentos que vivi en la guerra civil espa ola y previamente, su intensa estancia en M xico, que adem s de ser el lugar donde conoce a su gran amor J.A Mella, nuestro pa s se convierte en su gran inspiraci n y donde su vocaci n de fot grafa la lleva a la cumbre de [...]

    6. Muy bien escrito pero sumamente aburrido A pesar de que hay contratiempos, traiciones, inc gnitas y amor, me pareci aburrid simo Creo que Poniatowska hizo una novela muy lograda y que cuenta detalladamente de su investigaci n sobre Tina Modotti y todo el aire revolucionario y comunista que la rode hasta su muerte En las p ginas se sienten los tiempos del cambio, el amor a M xico, al mundo, al arte Seg n mi opini n, esta es una historia ficcionalizada a pesar de que son hechos y fechas verdaderas [...]

    7. Los libros de Elena Poniatowska son siempre un viaje Y este no s si es un reflejo de M xico hace 80 a os o el M xico de ahorita Me sigue gustando m s Leonora.

    8. Eyes wide open and focussed on the marketTina Modotti led a fascinating life If it were ultimately tragic, well, whose isn t Born into a poor family in northwestern Italy, she emigrated with them to America as a teenager She married young, to an artistic sort of fellow, got into the silent movies, went to Mexico with her husband, and fell in love with Edward Weston the famous photographer, who left his wife and family to be with her As one of the bright lights and sexual epicenters of the Mexica [...]

    9. Elena Poniatowska has written than forty books in a variety of formats and genres Probably her best known work is the nonfiction investigative book, La noche de Tlatelolco Massacre in Mexico 1971 , about the 1968 government repression of student protestors in Mexico City She also wrote about the devastating 1985 Mexico City earthquake, Nada nadie Las voces del temblor Nothing No one The Voices of the Earthquake 1988 In each of these books she used eyewitness accounts that she obtained herself b [...]

    10. I struggle with fictional biographies as a genre I find they skip over too many details to give a historical overview In this way I think this book was similar to The Lacuna But the history was really interesting, and clearly well researched Poniatowska spent ten years researching the life of Tina Modotti to write this novel And you can see the details of her research on every page But sometimes, it s too much There are so many names that it s hard to keep track of people, some of whom appear to [...]

    11. I tried to read this in Spanish but Poniatowska s writing is too disjointed, each scene based on dialog or imagery rather than a narrative line, and it was too much of a struggle The English translation took such liberties, not only leaving out large chunks which is to be expected if the book is being somewhat abridged but also rearranging what was there so completely paragraph by paragraph, line by line, image by image that it was no help for me as a guide for the Spanish About halfway through, [...]

    12. Una biograf a muy al estilo de Elena Poniatowska La vida de Tina Modotti, una mujer que sigui sus instintos, al amor, a las desventuras Con una forma de ver la vida muy especial, y que se refleja en sus fotograf as A pesar del mundo tan turbulento que le toc vivir, ve la belleza en las peque as y sencillas cosas a su alrededor Eso es lo que m s me gust de esta novela biograf a obra Pero tambi n me qued el dolor de la desilusi n, la impotencia, la desesperanza y la rabia que sinti ante los aconte [...]

    13. Excelente novela biografia sobre Tina Modoti, de la cual, debo confesar, conocia muy poco, casi nada Solo sabia de su relacion con Julio Antonio Mella cuando este murio asesinado en Mexico Jamas imagine que tuvo una vida tan intensa Y creo muy dificil que lea otro libro donde aparezcan personajes de la relevancia historia o cultural de Julio Antonio Mella, Edward Weston, Jose Vasconcelos, Xavier Guerrero, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Pablo O Higgins, Frida Khalo, Stalin, Rafael Alberti, [...]

    14. This is not exactly a biography, but it s a beautiful work based on the life of Tina Modotti, one of my favorite photographers I read this while I was in Nicaragua and it was part of what inspired me to study Nicaraguan photographers Very, very cool Also kind of sexy After reading this, I was in Cuba and saw Julio Antonio Mella s death mask he was Tina s lover and a Cuban Communist revolutionary in Mexico The book talks about how he was murdered while Tina was with him, so I already had a vivid [...]

    15. I started reading this book or less by accident, and was surprised how quickly i was drawn into it The author really brings to life the story of a woman who i wish i d learned about in history class It was also a really compelling rendition of the Spanish Revolution, a subject i always enjoy reading about I liked reading about these events throgh Tinisima s eyes, she was kind of the zealot i would have rolled my eyes at, and i was impressed to what extent Poniatowska helped me to walk in her po [...]

    16. Poniatowska retraces, reimagines Italian photographer Tina Modotti s life In doing so, Poniatowska also paints the political turmoil of 20s, 30s Mexico, the communist struggle in Spain and mainly how those who fought for the Republic became disillusioned with the movement s waivering and waning ideals However, the prose though brilliant at times seems to fall trap of a writer s self indulgence.

    17. I read this book several years ago and loved the dramatic rendering of Tina Modetti s life of political, artistic and romantic passions Elena Poniatowska brought Modetti s life into sharp focus with her usual compassion and honesty I recommend it to Ponnniatowska fains, as well as readers who want to understand the worlds that Modetti and fellow political artists lived in Mexico in the early 20th century.

    18. Ugh, okay, so this book was hard to rate It was chock full of information about Tina Modotti and her life and times in Mexico, Berlin, Moscow, etc and her involvement and dedication to the Communist party in the 20 s and 30 s I could really relate to her feelings about Mexico and it s people, but the second half of the book, for me, got bogged down with names and political parties and was haphazardly written On the one hand fascinating, and on the other frustrating.

    19. Fascinating novel about the life of photographer Tina Modotti in Mexico, Germany, and Russia She lived in Mexico and interacted with Frida and Diego She was implicated in the assassination of her Cuban lover Ashley Judd played her in the movie Frida, in which Salma Hayek played Frida and Alfred Molina was Diego Modotti was also the protege and lover of Edward Weston Poniatowska is a fabulous writer.

    20. i got this book because i wanted to read something by elena poniatowska i thought i might read it in english first then read it in spanish but it was WAY too depressing to read a second time it s an interesting glimpse into the lives of communist activists in the 30 s and 40 s, but be ready that life kicks the crap out of tina modotti she goes progressively downhill.

    21. So difficult to judge a book in translation This was a fascinating read about Tina Modotti and many of her friends and colleagues, like Weston and Rivera It s also a deeply honest story about aha tit means to be an artist and political I loved reading about how she negotiated her work and personal relationships.

    22. One of my favorite books of all time combination of a great, true story of a woman revolutionary artist, who was present at great moments in time Mexican revolution and Bolshevik revolution , written by a brilliant author and journalist I should read this book again who knows if I d love it 8 years after I read it the first time.

    23. Although I enjoyed reading this fictional biography about Tina Modotti, I would have enjoyed reading about her photography, her life with Edward Weston and relationships with Diego Rivera Freida.

    24. Recordando la lectura de esta novela biograf a que me zambull en una vor gine de personajes historia de M xico y que me permiti escuchar, oler y mirar en forma diferente una poca de la historia de mi pa s.

    25. This was a profound book Elena Poniatowska is an eloquent writer who brought Tina Modotti back to life I am blown away by the lie she lead and the language Poniatowska uses Now my life s goal will be to find and read this book in its original Spanish I feel changed.

    26. A most passionate time traveling experience to post revolutionary Mexico through the heart of Tina Modotti Highly recommend this book, especially to anyone that wants to learn about Mexican history and culture.

    27. Normalmente Poniatowska me encanta, pero ste la verdad, no me gust nada Ser que por andar en pol tica ya perdi el toque la se ora Aburrido, repetitivo, parece m s un reportaje que un relato o una biograf a.

    28. Hasta que le Tin sima entend la canci n Spanish Bombs de The Clash Lo que me qued grabado, incluso m s que el retrato de la vida en M xico, los artistas, activismo, etc fue la Guerra Civil espa ola Excelente historia.

    29. I loved this book Tells all about revolutionaries in Mexico and Spain With a realistic edge because it is historical fiction.

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