The Power House & The 39 Steps

The Power House & The 39 Steps By John Buchan, Two unforgettable heroes and two classic thrillers, in one volume Set in Edwardian London, The Power House features a deadly struggle with a sinister secret society In The 39 Steps, the archetypal man who knew too much is relentlessly pursued by an international network of spies.. The Power House The Steps Two unforgettable heroes and two classic thrillers in one volume Set in Edwardian London The Power House features a deadly struggle with a sinister secret society In The Steps the archetypal man

  • Title: The Power House & The 39 Steps
  • Author: John Buchan
  • ISBN: 9781873631959
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I really enjoyed both these short stories and I particularly love the premise behind writing them In my copy The 39 Steps is prefaced by John Buchan saying he d read a few good spy novels so him and a friend decided to have a crack at their own i think this mentality is wonderfully apparent as you read both stories Both are simple and fun reads without any pretense or allusion to deeper meaning but with enough intrigue to keep you hooked Out of the two I preferred The 39 Steps but that could be [...]

    2. The story is terrific and it is a fast and fun read The story is about a man Richard Hannay who comes to London, is rather bored and then meets his neighbor, who happens to be a secret agent with information that could change history The agent Scudder enlists Hannay to hide him, as the enemy is onto him Unfortunately, Hannay s apartment is not quite safe enough and Scudder is killed, leaving Hannay to prevent an assassination.The story only 100 pages long is set just before WWI but doesn t seem [...]

    3. I ve watched three different film versions of The 39 Steps Donat, More and Powell and one tv adaptation I have to say, the film versions are exciting than the book That is not to say that the book is not exciting or good because it is, but those who have seen the screen adaptations first will probably find the book less sensational In film the police chase Hannay right up to the last moment which adds to the tension In the book, the police declare halfway through that they know Hannay is no lon [...]

    4. I don t remember who recommended this book to me probably something to do with the combination of Scottish author who writes James Bond esque novels and ended up becoming Governor General of Canada in the 1930s Actually, come to think of it, I like that story better than the ones he wrote The two novellas included in this book are pretty good, in a similar sort of innocent man gets tangled up with the wrong crowd and has to run for his life kind of way Neither story gets particularly exciting un [...]

    5. I am yet to read The Powerhouse I bought this book for The 39 Steps, and that is the one I have prioritised reading When I get around to reading the other, I will update this review.The 39 Steps was enjoyable, but not as thrilling as other spy novels I have read If you want to read exciting spy thrillers, I would suggest Robert Ludlum There were elements of this that I found unrealistic, and there was a lot of traipsing around in the beginning, which had little baring on the story on the whole, [...]

    6. A pair of short entertaining espionage stories As shockers or dime store novels, they re kind of the literary equivalent of an episode of tv.

    7. Interesting enough spy stories with reasonably engaging plots Everything is narrated in passive voice, so it lacks immediacy and excitement The narrators are likeable enough, if a little unremarkable my favourite character was Chapman, a friend of the narrator in the Powerhouse, as he adds much needed vivacity to an otherwise monotone read.

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